Design Tips for a Warm and Welcoming Dining Room

Want to design a Welcoming Dining Room? Follow these tips.

If you’re someone who loves to throw a good dinner party, or host the family Sunday roast every week, then you want to ensure you have a dining room that is warm and welcoming for your guests. Dining room décor is something that can be experimented with, as it’s very similar to the living areas within your home. It’s always good to keep your décor consistent throughout your interiors, but you often find that people like to add a few extra special touches to the dining room, to make it more enjoyable. If you’re struggling to get the right balance for your dining room, hopefully these useful décor tips will help!

Colour Choices

First things first, you need to think about the colours you want to use within your dining room. This is a really important decision as the colours determine what kind of atmosphere your dining room will have. Remember to keep the colours used throughout your current interiors in mind when it comes to choosing your dining room scheme, as you want there to be a slight consistency. You can then play around with colours and materials to create a space that you feel works well within your home!

Essential Furniture Pieces

Your dining room needs to be accommodating to ensure that all of your guests can fit in with plenty of room to spare. The last thing you want is for your guests to be squashed together with no room to move their elbows or arms! Think about the number of people you need to accommodate for, then you can look at investing in your dining table and chairs. These pieces are the main focal point within the room, so you want to invest in a stylish, durable set that stand out and look inviting. Your dining chairs should look comfortable and soft, as this will create a welcoming feel straight away. You can then introduce additional pieces such as an oak sideboard for photographs, alcohol and even spare wine glasses. This will add a little bit of character to the room whilst also providing you with some useful storage space.

Delicate Fabrics

The dining room is one area where you can afford to go all out with the fabrics you include. Certain fabrics can really add a special touch to a room and make it feel warm and cosy. For your curtains, opt for a stylish fabric that will dress the window area and add character to the room. You can then look at introducing a beautiful table runner, along with some matching napkins to dress the table. As for the chairs, if you wanted to really make the room tie together well, you could look at covering the cushion of your chairs with the same fabric as your curtains, as this would draw the room together perfectly and add a really personal, unique touch. Remember to select a fabric that is easy to wash for your napkins and table runner, as there’s nothing more frustrating than having to hand wash them after each use!

Enhance the Atmosphere

There are a few final touches that you can add to your dining room to really enhance the atmosphere and make it warm and welcoming. One of the best things to include is candles. Candles help to make a room feel welcoming, as well as creating a relaxing atmosphere that you and your guests will enjoy. There’s something special about the delicate glow of candlelight that can lift a rooms atmosphere and set the perfect tone. You could also add some incense to the room to keep the room smelling fresh and inviting all evening!