Enjoying the Beaches of Gili Islands, Indonesia

The Gili are three small islands are located in the north-western part of Lombok, Indonesian. They are mostly famous for their wonderful beaches, and rightfully so since they have coastlines which definitely should belong in any traveler’s bucket list. Here is a list of the top 6 things that visitors to the island paradise recommend doing.


Nothing beats taking a dip in the waters of Lombok straits. The waters are warm, and yet they provide a great relief from sweltering Indonesian sun. You can rent masks and fins in the nearby swimming shops so you can swim better and have more fun.

Diving and Snorkeling

The beaches of GIli Islands are also great places for diving and snorkeling. Underneath the waters are beautiful reefs of coral that serves as the home for many of the smaller aquatic creatures of Lombok Strait. The most common sea animals to be seen here are sea turtles, while sharks seldom appear as well. There are 20 or so dive sites and diving tour operators that can set you up with the right gear and the right dive site depending on what you want to see and experience.

Eating Fresh Seafood

Since this is an island you can expect to eat freshly caught produce from the sea. There are restaurants that buy freshly caught fish, lobsters, shrimps and others and put them on display in aquariums in the restaurant, you can then choose from among them and then the chef will cook it for you. If you want, you can also go to the local square and to the little shacks where fishermen’s wives grill their husbands catch and serve them to locals and tourists alike.

Bike the Islands

The Islands of Gili are pretty small, with the smallest (which is Gili Meno) measuring about 2 kilometers long and one kilometer wide, so you can basically tour the whole islands in an hour or so, depending of course on how fast you pedal and how many stops you make. Be sure to bring a lot of water, and a backpack that contains your snacks and swim wear. With all the beautiful beaches you will pass by, you will surely be tempted to step down and go for a swim, especially when you start feeling your legs and muscles aching from pedaling.

Sea Kayaking

Watch the islands from the sea, and enjoy a panoramic view of paradise islands between blue skies and waters. You can see find yourself paddling next to sea turtles and even manta rays. Be sure not to hit them while you paddle along.


This is the ultimate activity for the many tourists and visitors who go to the Gili Islands. You can go to the different spas in the resorts and villas and get a massage or a treatment. Alternatively, you can also hit the streets and find shops where masseuse offers traditional massages. After that, you can choose to lounge in the beach in a recliner and just soak in the sun. Another great thing to do here to relax is to hit the sunset bars and watch the sun go down over the sea, which is one of the favorite past times even of the locals.

With its beautiful coastlines and thriving marine life, Gili Islands are set to be one of the best tourists destinations not only in Indonesia and Asia, but probably in the whole world.

Photo by brian-m on Flickr