Places Where Riding on Two Wheels Makes the Most Sense

Traveling by motorcycle is special all on its own. You get to experience the open road in a way like no other. You see much more when you are traveling in the open air, and you can feel like you are one with nature. Just make sure you get the right online motorcycle insurance so that your trip is a safe one, as well as an enjoyable one.

As if that wasn’t enough of a benefit, riding on a motorcycle can also help you navigate certain places better. If you aren’t comfortable on a motorcycle, you can try a scooter instead or even a bicycle. Here are a few of the types of places you can visit where traveling on two wheels would be the best option:

Large Cities with Congested Traffic

Have you ever been to New York? Or Moscow? These and other large cities with congested traffic are places where it’s almost a joke to try to drive. The streets are so congested with traffic that you don’t have much room to move. You won’t get far fast, and you’ll feel very claustrophobic in the process.

By using a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle instead, you can weave in and out of traffic more easily, and you can even drive in the narrow lanes alongside the cars. You’ll still need to drive carefully because of all the traffic, but you’ll be able to move about much more easily.

Cities with Narrow Streets

You don’t have to be in a big city to find it hard to navigate. Many cities are known for their very narrow streets, such as Florence in Italy and many parts of Southeast Asia. The streets go between buildings and little shops in a maze. In some cases, you can’t even fit a car on those streets – but you can fit a motorcycle or a scooter.

By traveling on two wheels, you’ll find it easier to get around and you won’t have as much anxiety about hitting other cars or pedestrians. You’ll be able to zip around on whatever street is available, meaning that you’ll cut time off your travel, and you won’t worry as much.

Rural Towns and Cities

Traveling through rural towns and cities like those in Ireland and Scotland gives you opportunities to see beautiful pastures, farms, crumbling ruins, and more. When you are riding a motorcycle or scooter, you get the chance to really immerse yourself in these sights. You can slow down and take in the finer details, including the textures, the smells, and more. You can even put a hand out and feel a rose bush as you pass it (at slow speeds, of course!).

You can travel through these rural towns and cities on a bicycle, too, if you’re an adventurer and a fitness enthusiast. But most people prefer the speed (and ease) that motorcycles and scooters offer. You’ll just need to pack light!

Places Where Parking is Hard to Find

Even small towns in the Midwest can be sparse on parking. You might be able to get around easily in a car, but you will have a hard time finding a good place to park it – and an even harder time finding a parking spot close to where you want to be.

Riding a bicycle will certainly be easier in these places. You can park a bicycle on any sidewalk anywhere. All you need is a bike lock – and not even that if you feel comfortable in the area. You can typically find parking for a motorcycle or scooter also in most places. Often, they can be parked in a bike lane or in another narrow space in which cars are not allowed. Just make sure you know the parking laws in that place or you may end up with a nasty fine.

Driving yourself when you travel is a great way to give yourself more freedom on your trip. You can change your plans on a whim, and you can go where you want and when you want. Instead of automatically signing up for a rental car, consider whether a motorcycle or scooter would give you a better experience. You may even want to rent a bike in some cases.