Disney Florida Is for Adults Too

We all know that Disney World in Florida is one of the world’s top destinations for kids but what about the adults? Do we need to look elsewhere or do Mickey and his friends have a welcoming hug for us as well? Let’s take a look and see.

The Accommodation

If you want to stay in a hotel which has more adults than kids then your first step is to think about when you should go to Disney Florida. School holidays and the summer months are when most younger visitors go, so keeping away from these months gives you a better chance of meeting more tourists closer to your age. Early in winter is when you can usually get to enjoy quieter attractions and usually better prices as well. A bit of research and reading some online reviews for individual hotels will let you see what other guests have thought of each place and should give you a feel for which ones are geared towards more mature guests. As a starting point, you will find that All Star Music and Grand Floridian Resort are great for adults. The Boardwalk and Beach Club options in Epcot are also pretty good for adults travelling alone or with their partner.

The Food

Wherever you go in the world the food is likely to be a big part of the travel experience. Thankfully, the area around Disney World has fine restaurants for adults as well as for younger diners. In the evening you will find that many of the best table service restaurants are filled with adults and that some have a lovely romantic mood going on as well. Most of the hotels and resorts here offer clubs for the kids, so a lot of parents take the chance to dine together at least once during their stay. The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival takes place around October and it is well worth visiting. Of course, if you want ice cream and hot dogs it is safe to say that you will find plenty of them here are well.

The Attractions

Which of the many attractions here are going to be most attractive to an adult?  To be honest, this is going to come down to personal taste and you will probably enjoy walking around and discovering new things, just as the kids do. Perhaps it makes more sense to concentrate here on some evening activities rather than the classic attractions. For example, if you are on a romantic break then watching the evening fireworks display is a must. You will find The Boardwalk is a good place to find bars and entertainers and you can also catch those fireworks from here as well. If you head along to Disney’s Polynesian Resort you will also find that the Tambu Lounge is a nice option. In short, one thing you don’t need to worry about is what you are going to find to do when you are there. You will be just as busy as the kids are.

Photo by richardstep on Flickr