Give Your Wedding a Little Different Look and Feel


If your wedding day is around the corner, are you really as prepared for it as you should be?

For many individuals, the answer to that question is typically a no response.

Although their intentions of having everything (or just about everything) to go before the big day were on track, they somehow went eschew at one point or another. As a result, their wedding day is being met with a little bit of fear and concern.

In the event you find yourself in that boat, do you plan on rectifying the situation sooner rather than later? If you don’t, you could see your big day turn into a big problem.

Part of the reason you may be behind to some degree is that you are planning to give your wedding a little different look and feel.

While that is perfectly fine, keep in mind that going outside what most consider the norm for a wedding may involve much more planning. As a result, you may not have left yourselves as much time as you should have.

Whether you have an impending wedding over the holidays or one coming up in 2017, stepping a little outside the bounds is perfectly fine.

That said just do your best to prepare for each and every step along the way.

Breaking Away from the Norm

If you want a wedding that is a little different than what most deem normal, here are a few ideas to check out:

  • Location – If you’re not too into a church wedding, how about hitting the sands of the beach? Some couples strive for a sunset wedding on the beach. In doing so, they can capture some of the most beautiful pictures out there. You could also do a wedding in the mountains, surrounded by some of the best nature scenes around. Lastly, having a little garden wedding in your family’s backyard can be quaint and comfortable too. While churches tend to be the norm, don’t be afraid to literally step outside the box. If you do, however, say a little prayer or two for nice weather on the big day;
  • Jewelry – Although stainless steel gold and silver wedding rings are usually most common with couples, have you thought about rubber wedding rings? These rings provide a safer feeling of comfort for many choosing such selections. They also are a great idea for those individuals with a very active lifestyle or a job where their hands are put to the test on an almost daily basis. Providing comfort and safety, consider such rings before you say I do;
  • Entertainment – Most couples will settle on a DJ or a local band to play at their receptions. While that is perfectly fine, how about asking a relatively well-known musician or musicians to play at your big day? Sure, the asking price might very well be more than you can spend, but it doesn’t hurt to ask their promoters. For diehard college sports fans, what about having your favorite school’s band perform at your reception and/or wedding? Again, a little outside the box, but it can bring back great memories, especially if you started out as a couple in college.

Avoiding the Pressure

Although you may try and fight it best as possible, you will undoubtedly be under some pressure (typically family members) to have as “normal” a wedding as possible.

Don’t be afraid to push back and remind them that this is your big day.

As much as you appreciate their input, you have to go with what you truly want to have as your celebration. Remember, your wedding day and reception is a day that will live with you the remainder of your lives, so make it look and feel great.

Lastly, once your big day for the most part is over, don’t feel bad if you kick back and relax with a normal honeymoon.

Enjoy that time away so you can rest up before it is back to the real world.