10 Frugal Ways to Save on Technology Services


Today’s high-tech lifestyle can sometimes cause a big dent in your pockets. New and fancy smartphones, a library of pricey apps, rising data plan costs, and other tech toys have increased the country’s spending on technology and innovation. If you’re on a budget and feel like you’re missing out on the tech revolution, there are some ways to get access to the top tech services and tools without breaking the bank. Here are ten frugal solutions to help save on technology.

  1. Buy Used

As new models of smartphones, laptops, and more tech tools come out each year, it can be tempting to buy the newest and latest device on the market. Instead, look to make your purchases on the secondary marketplace. Search for your preferred device online, and save hundreds of dollars on a quality refurbished technology piece.

  1. Avoid the Upgrade

If you are dead set on purchasing a device that is brand new, here’s an easy strategy to help you save tons of cash. Time your new purchase right around the moment when a new model is set to be released. Watch the prices on the previous models suddenly plummet, and take advantage of your timing to get the device you want and need.

  1. Sell Your Devices

Another way to help you generate the cash that you may need for a better phone or laptop is to consider putting your old device up for sale. You can sell your technology privately or via an online service that helps streamline the process. In many cases, you can get an online appraisal instantly and send your computer or phone free to the company through the mail.

  1. Skip Expensive Wires

When you need to purchase accessories, like wires and other charging cords, do your research before settling on an expensive brand. Prices for charging cables can range from cheap to outrageous. Don’t assume that a higher priced brand has a better product. In most situations, it’s best to choose the lower priced option, as there are no differences in quality between the two products.

  1. Decline the Warranty

Many smartphones and laptops are also sold with the option of an extended warranty that lasts for about two years and covers a variety of mishaps. Purchasing extended warranties can be tricky, so make sure you understand what you’re getting if you decide it’s worth it. In many cases, the warranty doesn’t make much sense to purchase. Most products have a standard manufacturer’s warranty that covers many of the same things that the extended warranty claims to.

  1. Bundle Services

Once you have a new smartphone or a powerful laptop, it’s time to focus on getting connected. You can begin saving on your internet monthly fees if you bundle your services together. Many providers offer big discounts if you also order cable television and phone services. Sometimes, signing up for all three as a package makes more sense and is cheaper than one service by itself.

  1. Negotiate Your Rate

Your internet provider may get your attention with a low introductory rate for your first year or two of service. Once that runs out, you may still qualify for a low rate. Make sure you contact a customer service agent by phone and ask about additional discounts you could qualify for. In many cases, your account may be eligible for another promotion, helping you save money down the road.

  1. Look for Discounts

Beyond periodic promotions run by your internet service provider, you may also qualify for special rates depending on your status as an employee, student, or another special group. Ask your company if they have a discount code for your local internet service provider. Some providers have student rates that help those with a limited budget manage the cost of being connected.

  1. Satellite Internet

If you live in a rural area, you may be stumped at the lack of internet services available in your neighborhood. Some rural residents rely solely on their phone’s data plan to stay connected, which can be costly. Instead, consider satellite internet services. Satellite internet coverage is ideal if you live in a remote spot and still want to enjoy high download speeds browse your favorite websites.

  1. Adjust Your Plan

Finally, see if you can switch to a lower data plan or slower speed. If you can save a few extra dollars each month, it could be worth it.

Saving money in a high-tech world isn’t easy. You can do it with some creative thinking and adjustments to your usage.