6 Great Money Saving Tips

If you take the time to look at your monthly income and expenditure, you’ll probably be surprised with just how much money you spend each month. Naturally, things like rent and energy bills can’t be avoided but how much do you frivolously spend each month? It soon adds up and if you’re feeling the pinch towards the end of the month then it is probably as a result of the spontaneous spends that you make. If you want to get your finances in a bit more order and spend less money each month then here are 6 great money saving tips for you.


Switch and Save

Energy bills, insurance payments and things like home internet can cost quite a bit each month, this is mostly unavoidable but you can save good money through switching providers. There is a lot of competition in these industries and as such many companies will offer you great deals if you switch to their service.

Go Solar

A great way to keep electricity costs down is to go solar, get solar panels placed on the roof and harness your own electricity from the sun’s rays. If you check out Sunnova reviews, one of the leading companies in solar panels, you’ll see that their customers save an average of 20% on their annual electricity bills, can’t say no to that.

Repair Your Clothes

The art of repairing clothes seems to be disappearing but it is a great way to save money from constantly having to replace clothes when they are damaged. Especially things like socks and when you get a small hole, instead of going shopping and spending money, get the sewing kit out and fix your garments.

Make Don’t Buy

When it comes to birthday and Christmas gifts, consider making them instead of purchasing them, this can save you a great deal of money. Aside from the cash that you will save, making gifts will give them a really nice personalized touch to the receiver and show that you have taken time on their gift.

Use Coupons

Coupons are a great way of saving money on all kinds of things such as your weekly shop, you can find them in magazines, newspapers and online websites. Sometimes you’ll be able to save a bit of cash off a product, sometimes you can even get free things. It seems silly that if companies are offering these types of discounts that you don’t take advantage of them, a little time invested in searching for coupons can save you a great deal each month.

Invite Friends Over

Heading out to bars and restaurants can hit you in the pocket, if you’re going out with friends then instead of that, consider inviting them over and ask them to bring a bottle. You may have to spend a little to buy the food for the evening but at least you won’t be paying high restaurant prices. Doing this also helps you to avoid transport costs such as petrol or paying for taxis.