Mobile Gaming Became More Popular Than Watching TV

Mobile Gaming became more popular than watching TV, which might surprise a lot of people. The current era of television has been called ‘The Golden Age of Television,’ and rightly so. It seems that nearly every show that is released this days receives all manner of critical acclaim, which was not the case for television shows even a decade earlier. Before the 1990’s, television was regarded as something of a sub-par medium to begin with, and there were very few shows that were regarded as art in any sense.


Interestingly enough, online gaming and television both became much more established in the 1990’s, and their profile grew tremendously throughout the twenty-first century. The last twenty years have been very kind to both of them, and it is important not to lose sight of that. However, mobile gaming still has a lot of advantages that television as a medium is never going to have.

Television shows require a great deal of time and investment. People start watching the pilot episode, which is going to be forty minutes long or more in many cases, and they decide whether or not they are interested in watching the whole show. While entire seasons of shows are released all at once today, they still are not usually released all in one year. People will often still have to wait an additional year for a new season, which can be somewhat frustrating for the people who are interested in really experiencing the story. Television does not always provide the immediate gratification that a lot of people want.

Mobile games are different. They’re right there, and people can enjoy them after a simple download. Some online games have a highly serialized format that is going to really absorb a lot of people. However, many of them are really the sort of digestible games that people can pick up, start playing, and then set down again without even really thinking about anything other than how many points they just earned. It’s difficult to get that same level of gratification even from some of the best shows on television. Television is becoming a very immersive medium today, with its highly serialized stories and its complex characters and the rich themes that people can explore with the medium in this day and age. As such, many television shows are going to attract a very different sort of audience today.

Lots of people like online games and television today. People will enjoy Canadian casinos online, and the they will watch some of the greatest Canadian television shows in history on Netflix, probably also from the vantage point of their computers. Mobile Gaming became more popular than watching TV, but a lot of people are still going to do both. It’s just easier to download several dozen games and play them in one sitting than it is to watch several dozen shows, even though it is technically possible to do that today. People binge-watch television, and they binge on games even harder now.