Get the best vertical on your next holiday

If you’re an avid adrenaline junkie who’s looking for their next fix, don’t book another holiday at a mediocre resort. You’ll only be disappointed as you’re slowed down by poor snow conditions and overcrowded runs. Leave behind a lacklustre experience and search out thrills with a heli skiing trip in British Columbia. Taken by helicopter to the untouched powder of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you’ll be dropped off at the best location for snow, speed, and some of the best vertical in the world. This breathtaking landscape provides the shot of adrenaline you need.

Peeking down at some of the best vertical in the world, you know it's gonna be a great day!

Far away from civilization, heli skiing will take you to a remote part of the Rockies that’s known as the powder highway of North America. All year round, this mountain range sees consistent snowfall of the perfect corn snow, uncut by another’s skis. This untouched powder is yours to discover, practically on your own. Boutique heli skiing operators limit their service to groups no larger than 4. A small group allows for personalized instruction with their experienced pilots and guides. It also means you never have to compete with strangers as your race down the mountain.

And race you will, as you eat up the most amount of vertical you have in your skiing career. The best heli skiing British Columbia has to offer provides unlimited skiing. The average skier can total as many as 7,170 metres in a day, but skilled speed demons can average as many as 10,000 vertical metres! It all depends on how well the operators prepare you for your days in the mountains. Some operators, like those at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, aim for as many as 7 hours on the slopes to maximize your VM. To see how they do that, drop by and discover what unlimited vertical truly means.

Though you may be a veteran on your skis, it’s still a good idea to research what you need for a heli skiing trip. Off-terrain skiing in the Rockies is a lot different from the regimented ski experience at your typical resort. When you plan your trip, take the time to read about what you should pack, including any special clothing and equipment for your time exposed to the Canadian elements. Bone up on other enthusiast’s experience and learn if there’s anything else you can prepare for your holiday in the mountains.

When the need for speed is keeping you from enjoying the status-quo, take your holiday to the next level. Book the best heli skiing trip British Columbia can offer. The untouched peaks of the Rockies are the perfect backdrop to your next adventure.