6 Facts About Investment Banking You Should Know

If you are interested in learning more about investment banking, this article is for you. Investment banking is a lucrative and multiplex business field entailing acquisitions and mergers, capital raising, and general financial advice to businesses and governments. Investment banks operate as middlemen for investors and enterprises in need of financing to expand and run their operations.

What Entails Investment Banking?

As one of the most financially rewarding and prestigious careers on wall street, it is also one of the hardest to break into. Similar to making it into the NFL or NBA, only the most dedicated and very best and will make it successfully. The individuals who intend to make it will keep some of the craziest schedules commonly required to work a hundred hours every week. It is almost impossible for investment bankers to make time for anything else in their lives.

According to Attorney Chris Lewis, a stock investor on wall street, these are some interesting facets of the investment banking industry.

What You Should Know About Investment Banking

1. It Is No Longer Solely Tied to Finance Majors

People in this field must have proper knowledge of finance. Still, these banks are also expanding their territories by seeking people whose studies major in IT related fields. This is attributed to the industry becoming heavily technologically dependent.

2. Quantitative Interviews Are Part and Parcel

Such interviews aim at putting the candidate in a position where they have to use their critical thinking skills to figure out tasks emulating an investment banker’s position. Here, aspiring investment bankers prove their worth and qualifications through evaluations. You must be able to express your ability to work under pressure. A situation that comes with the investment banking territory.

3. It Is a Growing Industry

The financial crisis has put the investment banking arena in recovery mode. The market is returning to a good position, although it still has a long way to go. As a result of the financial crisis, it became evident that investment banking is still the economy’s predominant facet. It continues to thrive despite setbacks and difficulties, and it is likely to continue in the same trend.

4. International Opportunity Is at Peak

The world is diverse in terms of culture, economic status and a plethora of other factors. However, no matter how different we seem, and with the near extinction of barter trade, money is a concept that is universal. Investment banking will continue to be a worldwide market, as governments will always invest in one another.

5. Consolidation Is Prominent

Those that enter this sector should be informed of the current state of affairs. Banks have been undergoing integration in recent years. As a result, organizational structures are becoming more diversified. These adjustments may present challenges for organizations, but they can provide many chances for fresh applicants and those who are embarking on a new career path.

6. Loyalty Is Valued

In the investment banking profession, one attribute that makes a popular candidate is the ability to keep one’s job at a particular firm for a long period of time. Firms prefer to see candidates who are dedicated and industrious, so landing the ideal first work place is significant. It will be a lot easier to make a shift down the road if you can find the ideal fit and accumulate experience there.

The Lucrativeness of Investment Banking

Despite its complexity, investment banking is among the highest-paying careers in the world, only recently surpassed by tech employment at Apple, Google, Facebook or Microsoft – owing to the revival of technology following its recovery from the dot-com crash.