5 New Interior Lighting Trends For Your Home

One of the most important parts of interior design is lighting, it ranges from naked bulbs that are arranged in aesthetic order to brightly colored lights and elegant sculptural models. The position of lights can help to improve the ambiance of rooms in the house.

However, lighting ideas are often different depending on the specific function of the room you are decorating. The type of bulbs you use in the kitchen differs from the ones that will be fixed in the bedroom or bathroom closets.

Table and floor lamps

Modern interior styles have shifted towards a minimalist style where less is better and priority is given to more space in the house. Table and floor lamps are very contemporary and always built with aesthetics. A floor lamp that is attached to a table is multi-functional as it lights up the room while the table can be used for other purposes as well.

Table and floor lamps are stylish décor pieces that are often multi-faceted. They are suitable for offices, dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms because they focus illumination in the particular spot they are.

Ceiling pendant lights

Pendant lights can be compared to an accessory for the ceiling. When you are working on an interior design using ceiling pendant lights for a modern living room, it is important to know that some pendant lights can give an overall lighting effect while others give more focused light, depending on the direction they are facing.

Ceiling pendant lights designs are either in a wide range of traditional or modern styles, which often include a romantic chandelier, sci-fi lighting ideas, or a color-changing globe.

Hues and patterns

Colorful patterns are also one of the contemporary designs in interior decorations. This is a way of infusing your style and colors into your home as you have the liberty to pick from an extensive range of colors and interior patterns for your home. Choosing colored lamps influences moods and complements the entire outlook of spaces.

Monochromes such as black and gray with bright nude tones give the rooms a modern vibe and they blend excellently with different types of led lights. Led lights also give a more relaxing atmosphere to living spaces with spectacular lighting.

Eye-catching interior pieces

Over a couple of years, bold decorative pieces have been the face of lighting and interior decorations among designers. Such striking designs with sculptural glasses, brass designs, chandeliers designs similar to tree branches. These pieces are aimed to please homeowners who are obsessed with bespoke accessories.

In addition, most of these eye-catching pieces are often influenced by natural elements with several technological improvements that make those pieces extraordinary.

Lighting and artworks

The concept of lighting has been very useful in decorating a living space especially when various artworks are hanging on the walls. Wall arts are in various mediums such as acrylics, oil paints, watercolors, sculptures, and photographs have different features including the type of lighting that should be used for them.

Wall arts should be appropriately lit especially with led lights to avoid over-emphasizing their effects. Wall arts with darker tones often need more lighting than brightly colored pieces.


Whether your living space is small or large, there are several lighting ideas to choose from with the recent improvement in interior designs. The concept of minimalism has also inspired people interested in redesigning their homes to give their living space a more personalized effect.

Lighting accessories redefine rooms while improving the space, texture, and shadows of the home. Also, using led lights has increased since led lights are environment friendly and reduce the heat it emits.