5 Tips for Designing a Luxurious Bathroom

Bathrooms are notoriously hard to design. The room should be both functional, serving a specific purpose and pleasing to the eye. There are also a lot of plumbing and lighting considerations to be made. Nevertheless, it can be an indulgence and the design should reflect that.

On the plus side, there are fewer rules about style when it comes to bathrooms, which means you can be as eclectic as you want and match different styles as long as they fit into the overall theme you’ve envisaged.

Plenty of space

A spacious bathroom will be enough to create a sense of luxury regardless of the design. This point should be further emphasized by minimalistic décor and color palette. A carefully created layout is as important as square footage. Try to think about how you plan to use the space before designing it. This will help you create enough pathways for comfortable circulation from one focal point of the bathroom to the other. Also if you have a view – don’t be afraid to incorporate it into the design. There’s nothing more relaxing than having a bath while enjoying a beautiful sunset.


Marble walls and flooring are synonymous with rich and decadent design. They present a bit of a difficulty when it comes to heating up the place, but it’s worth it for the sheer beauty they add to the bathroom. The biggest decision you have to make it is the color. It will set the tone for the entire project and finishing touches will need to correspond with it. Darker and richer shades will appear more elegant while lighter create a relaxing atmosphere. Different stone cutting techniques could also alter the look of the stone, so choose carefully.


A hot tub will be the focal point of the bathroom, a place of pure enjoyment and luxury. Have in mind that this is not a freestanding tub and that it requires a bit of work and plumbing to fit it in with the surroundings. When installing the tub always go for the top of the line Hot Tub Parts. That way you only have to install the tub once. The size of the tub is a matter of personal taste, but it’s important to note that big isn’t always the same as luxurious.


Lighting can make or break a bathroom design. If you don’t have natural light to rely on, poorly chosen artificial light can make the room appear smaller and even claustrophobic. The key to creating a well-lit bathroom is by making a balance between general lights and task lights. With a large enough bathroom, you can pull off a large and stylish chandelier that will be used to set the mood. The vanities, mirrors and powder areas should be lit by smaller wall-mounted lamps which will allow you to dim the bathroom and still keep it functional.


Adding plants to the bathroom is a great way to add warmth and variety, especially if the rest of the design relies on marble or brass. This, of course, means that you need to have enough natural light or to choose the plants that don’t require much of it. It’s important to use plants sparingly and to scatter them around the bathroom. That way they could blend into the décor and still be noticeable and decorative. Orchids, Ivy, and Bamboo are the best choices when it comes to the amount of care they require.

By taking a comprehensive approach to bathroom design you can turn it into the most luxurious and relaxing part of your home.