Which Amenities Make a Hotel Deserve Five Stars?

Lots of hotels will list themselves as being luxurious, and most of them are – particularly when compared to a regular domestic bedroom. All hotels want to offer luxury to their clients, but some take that too far. While there are some hotels, such as the Hilton and the Marriott, that have been able to build a brand on a certain stye of luxury, others have taken that much too far.

How Far Is too Far?

In a sense, there is no such thing as “too” far, as it all depends on what people want to pay for. However, when you find hotels that offer pet psychics, tea sommeliers, and fragrance butlers, you know you have entered the realms of people who simply have too much money and don’t know how to spend it anymore.

Some hotels, however, are looking into luxury items that don’t go too over the top. Hotels like the Bicycle Casino Hotel, for instance, have focused on offering something that is luxurious like the Hilton and the Savoy, but different at the same time. At the same time, they haven’t gone over the top so that they only attract a clientele that has enough money to support the economy of a large third world country. So what are some of the luxuries that hotels like those offer their clients nowadays?

  1. Chauffeur Check-in

You can expect a good hotel to offer airport pickups and transfers. However, some have now made it possible for guests to start checking in while they are in their transfer arrangement. This can be very convenient if the hotel is quite far away and the journey is long. After that trip, people simply want to pick up their key and go to their room, after all.

  1. Mobile Phones

Some very large hotels now offer their guests mobile phones, albeit only to call amenities within the resort itself. This can be beneficial if, for instance, the hotel also has a large golf course, and they require a pickup. Hotels with multiple bars, restaurants, and amenities also often offer mobile phones, so that guests can make bookings as and when the fancy takes them. If hotels offer a butler service, they usually also offer mobile phones.

  1. Meals at Any Time and Anywhere

Budget hotels tend to have a very limited time-frame in which their guests can eat their breakfast. More upmarket hotels have increased this time-frame, usually until 2pm. However, they often provide it in a single room only. The most luxurious hotels no longer have a time-frame at all, and guests can choose any of the rooms or restaurants to consume it in.

  1. Transfers to Interesting Locations

This is becoming increasingly popular in hotels in big cities such as Los Angeles. There is a lot to do in those cities, and giving guests the convenience of easily getting there and back, without having to pay for expensive taxis, is a service that is greatly appreciated.

  1. Custom-Stocked Mini-Fridges

Mini-fridges traditionally contain some small bottles of spirits and wines, and a few mixers, as well as peanuts or other such snacks. These are traditionally seen as incredibly expensive and not enjoyable at all. Some hotels now give guests the option of choosing what they want in their mini-fridge before they arrive.

These amenities all work because they focus on giving people what they want: comfort, true luxury, and a personalized attention to detail.