7 Underrated Home Appliances You Actually Really Need Now

There are many home appliances that are simply underrated. It’s only when you purchase one you realise just how much you rely on it, struggle without it, and wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.


Below are seven examples of these kinds of home appliances.  

  1. Steam Cleaner – Very versatile and useful for so many things from giving carpets a refresh, cleaning floors, grout, stubborn stains, burnt on food and so much more. It’s amazing how much you can clean with them and remove dirt with steam alone when specialised chemicals wouldn’t touch them.
  2. Halogen Oven – Great for single people who simply don’t need a big conventional oven. They are very energy efficient so great for reducing your energy bills. They heat up faster, cook food faster and more evenly as well as have enough space for more than one thing to be cooked at the same time, so you can cook yourself a nice meal in one oven rather than having to heat up multiple appliances. They are small and compact so don’t take up a lot of room meaning it’s a perfect choice for a smaller kitchen.
  3. Toaster Oven – Great for heating, crisping and browning foods faster than a conventional oven. The results are similar to being cooked in an oven just with the speed of a microwave. They are small and compact so don’t take up a lot of room so a perfect choice for a compact kitchen.
  4. Microwave Oven – Incredibly useful for anyone who needs a hot meal in a rush. They can cook frozen food in well under half the time a conventional oven could, without the heat up time as its instant. If you’ve ever tried cooking something like porridge for example on a conventional hob, then you will know what a time-consuming process it can be, in comparison with a microwave it is done in only two minutes, in which time your hot plate would only just have heated up enough to warm the bottom of a saucepan.  There are also arguments that microwave cooking actually holds more nutrients in things like vegetables than it does when they are boiled on a hob so actually may be a healthier way of cooking.
  5. Washing Machine – Effortless washing of clothes, simply throw them in, put your fabric cleaner and softener in, hit go and come back to clean clothes. There’s nothing worse than hand washing as it’s so slow and takes hours to dry and it is also heavy work so can damage your back as well as your hands.  Washing machines are also available in compact table top modes for those with limited space.
  6. Solar Powered Emergency Lights –  A must have in the event of power failures as there is nothing worse than being trapped in the dark.
  7. Solar Water Heating – Another great time and money saving, and effortless water heating solution. Once installed, you just ignore it and it heats water for you. There is no need to bother with switching on timers and so forth it’s all automatic.  Solar powered solutions are the way forward. For solutions of Solar in Perth visit http://solarrepairs.com.au/ for more information