How mobile technology has become an important constant in our lives

Mobile phones have gone through a serious evolution process since their early inception. From those bricks with antennas, as they have become fondly known, to the all-encompassing devices that sit in our pockets today. Along the way they have amassed all sorts of useful features that have massively changed the way we go about our daily lives. Remember how excited everyone was at the prospect of a color screen? It all seems so long ago.


What is the first thing you do when you wake up? For a lot of people it will be to groan and writhe around as you reach for your smartphone to hit the snooze button. Maybe you’ll awake straightaway, in which case you could be checking emails, social media messages and your calendar for the day. All of these different tasks that used to require a different tool for each mean that there is now a lot of outdated and obsolete technology. Everybody that loves music used to own some sort of music player but carrying round extra devices is no longer needed as everything fits in to the same little machine.

The evolution of mobile phones is very interesting to watch, remembering the hype over a phone that was able to take pictures and distribute these to friends, those models that were brought out primarily as gaming devices with phone capabilities such as the Nokia N-Gage and video players that could record with rudimentary picture quality. It has all come a long way in such a short space of time.

The current developing trend around smartphones that is being heavily pushed and marketed is around payments. Customers can log on to mobile banking and pay friends and bills, and as contact-less payments start to become the norm, the ability of mobiles to pay for things at the store is developing rapidly. Shopping online is also incredibly popular with mobile users, and the ability to grab a deal for a wanted product on the go has definitely increased profits with those businesses that spotted those opportunities. You can also keep up with hobbies like sports betting online and on the go, so if you see the score and want to bet against whilst on a day out, you can easily head over to bookieplanet and hedge your bets on the sports scores, so you don’t need to stress about missing out on that result you are feeling confident about.

So what is the future for mobile devices? With the way things are currently progressing, it would be no surprise to see some major leaps forward in the not so distant future. A lot of current hype is around holograms and projection capability, and the ability to have a large-screen film running off your tiny smartphone is sure to appease a lot of gadget fans and film-lovers alike.

With one of the fastest moving industries in today’s world, the future looks very exciting.