Can social media grow your brand?

Can social media help to grow your brand? This is a popular question for many business owners who are looking to expand their brand. If trends in social media activity by brands can be trusted, you are missing out. More brands than ever before are exploring the internet, and particularly social media, as an avenue for marketing. It could be viable for your brand as well.

Social media features over 3.5 billion active monthly users who are spread out across different social platforms. If the large number of followers is not attractive enough for brands, the high interest in brand activity by social media users suggests that it is worthy looking into. But what benefits will social media offer?

The benefits of social media


Social media s so appealing to brands because it has a variety of benefits to offer. You can increase your engagement levels on the platform by interacting with your followers. This will help you take advantage of personal selling, which will guarantee higher conversions. Social media also offers other ways to drive up your conversions. It will address the natural dispensation for marketing strategies to only achieve about 30% of expected conversions by remarketing to interested followers.

Aside from marketing to your followers, social media also offers you the ability to reach your followers’ friends and family, which is bound to have better rates of success. You can use analytic tracking to monitor different performance metrics and to tweak you social media activity to fit your brand goals.

Social media can be used to drive up traffic to your website, thanks to the ability to share links. You can also quote experts and build brand partnerships by incorporating links to other content onto your social media pages. Even though this may be limited to social media, you will increase your visibility to the other brand’s followers, which can be instrumental in the growth of both brands. Social media will allow you to monitor the competition, allowing you to stay ahead of the game and take advantage of any slips on their part.

Are there any risks?


Any strategic move will attract some risk. The attractive features of social media may also make it a risky venture. There are a large number of eyes trained on your brand, and any mistakes will be amplified. You could get a permanent bad reputation online, which may be even difficult to shake off. Aside from these, social media offers little risk. Even so, you can mitigate this risk by creating a social media policy to guide your interaction and posting frequency, as well as guide anyone associated with your brand on how to eliminate the brand’s liability from their personal social media pages. You can market your brand successfully by engaging with these social media best practices.

How to reduce your social media mistakes

You should watch your social media activity carefully because it could cause the development of a bad reputation. You’ll need to reduce mistakes on social media to stand a chance to benefit. The first thing you should do is set up a social media policy. This will define interaction with your followers, ensuring your team remains professional and timely.  It will also make sure that your posts are made regularly. This will help maintain user trust and confidence in your brand, which may affect their decision to do business with your brand.

If you have more than one active social media page, you should consider investing in a social media team. You resources will be sufficiently utilized, and all engagement by followers will be met in a timely manner. Even though you may be tempted to ignore negative comments, it could be harmful to your brand to do so. It may also provide a chance to build brand loyalty, which could have an opposite effect on your brand.

What is the best social media platform for your brand?

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You need to find the right social media platform for your brand to stand a chance of marketing successfully on social media.  Each platform offers unique targeting and paid advertisement features, as well as access to certain demographics. Here are some points of note about the top social media platforms you may consider setting up your brand page on.


This video hosting platform features the second largest number of search queries in a day, behind the popular Google search engine. Users share video content, with DIY and ‘how to’ content very popular on the platform. It does not require frequent posts, and 3 15-minute videos should suffice.  A great video should be entertaining, informative or interactive, and should be devoid of any vulgar language and imagery.


This is the largest social media platform on the internet, featuring over 2 billion active monthly users. You can post any type of content on the platform, which allows you to diversify your page and keep followers interested in your brand. It offers some of the best targeting and paid advertisement options, which may be considered to reach desired audiences. On the platform, you can even leverage life events to promote your brand. The recommended posting schedule is about 20 -30 times in a week.


Popular with a young and techno savvy crowd, Twitter is an increasingly popular platform with up to 800 million users. On the platform, users interact through a series of short statements called Tweets. You should make about 30 of these on a weekly basis. The platform also facilitates images and short videos. It can be a great platform to test out content and carry customer service provision.



The photo and video sharing platform continues to rise in popularity around the world, especially with the younger demographics. It is very tough for new users and brands, and some investment may be required to achieve expected performance. You may consider buying auto likes for Instagram to increase your success on the platform. However, it is a great platform to interact with followers. If you are considering setting up a social media page on the platform, you should set up a schedule for 10 weekly posts. It may be ideal for product promotions and snippets of brand events and interviews.