Misconceptions About Party Hire

party hire
Photo by CC user Moyan Brenn on Flickr.

No matter what’s going on in our lives, we humans just love to celebrate everything. May it be a job promotion; a home coming of a friend; or a new house, there’s bound to be a party! But with all of these gatherings to organize every now and then, isn’t it a bit difficult to do it all on your own? That’s why event organizers were made, but we usually don’t want to hire anyone else to plan our parties because of the following misconceptions:

1. It’s expensive.

  • You don’t need to burn a hole through your pocket just to entertain your guests. It’s true that party hire is costly, but it is worth it you know. You pay big because you order big. They aren’t going to charge you for something that isn’t reasonable or something you didn’t actually order. They prepare the venue, the food, the tables and chairs, along with the decorations, now don’t you think having to do no work is worth the cost? If ever you want to lessen your expenses, you could only rent tables and chairs or only have catering. You can pay them for only half of the service and do the rest of the work on your own. Just make sure you still have the time and ability to finish it.

2. The food is horrendous.

  • This somewhat true, but not every time! Not all party planners serve food like your high school cafeteria on mystery meat day. I guess some companies find it hard to manage all the different aspects of the party that they sometimes lack in one of them, hence the terrible food. However, some party planners out source caterers or have partnerships with food chains. This assures you of better quality, than when the food comes directly from them. So make sure to ask for a third-party caterer unless you trust the company’s culinary skills.

3. Party planners are only for special occasions.

  • This is absolutely incorrect. You don’t need to have a large get together or a thousand people coming before you ask for some help. You can hire a planner for even the smallest of gatherings. It can be a children’s party, a small barbecue among neighbors, or just a drink with friends. Like stated in #1 you can pay for only the slightest services. If you need just a few more additional chairs, they’ve got your back. If you’re looking to buy some streamers or a bit more decorations, you can just give them a call. They don’t require you to always pay for large-scale projects. Party planners are very flexible to work with.

So now that all of this is cleared up, why not save yourself some time and effort and just, well, party hire? I am living proof that these statements above are just fallacies. Parties are a great time to bond with your friends and family. It is a time for joy and de-stressing. Don’t waste a good party because you didn’t plan it properly.