How to Plan a Work Christmas Party Everybody Will Love

Learn How to Plan a Work Christmas Party that everyone will love

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If you’ve been delegated the job of organising the work Christmas party this year, fear not! Although this might seem like a job you’d rather avoid, this is actually your chance to organise a fun and memorable get together for your hard working colleagues or employees at year’s end. So you don’t miss a beat this festive season, we’ve put together an easy to follow guide on how to plan a work Christmas party that everybody will love.

  1. Start planning early

The earlier you begin to plan, the more smoothly the planning process will flow. Start planning the Christmas party early, as you’ll need to factor in time to wait for responses. Moreover, the sooner you start devising your work Christmas party details, the better chance you have of securing your venue of choice, plus all the other details that need confirming.

  1. Set the date

As with any work Christmas party, you’ll want as many employees to show up as possible. That’s why it’s a good idea to send a group email or memo around the office, stating the possible dates of the Christmas party, and having people select which is their most preferred date. Depending on how large your company is, this could be quite a task! Pick the date that suits the majority, and send an email out to your organisation locking it in.

  1. Set the budget

Before you can start to organise any of the fun stuff, you will need to confer with your boss as to just how much budget is set aside for the Christmas party. Once you find out what kind of budget you’re dealing with, this will dictate everything from the kind of venue you can select, to how much food and drinks you can serve. Ask the boss for a quote and stick to it. If it’s a more formal get together at a fancy venue, then it’s not out of the question to get the employees to chip in, within reason of course. Just make sure it’s a reasonable expense that everyone can afford.

  1. Organise the food and drinks

This part is relatively easy if you’re planning on holding your work Christmas party at a restaurant. However, depending on the number of guests attending, you may need to speak with the restaurant as you may have to opt for a banquet-style meal. If you’re hosting the party at a venue that doesn’t serve food, for example at someone’s house, make sure you organise formal caterers or people to provide food and drinks. Remember, too much is better than not enough!

  1. Do something creative

Now the standard details are out of the way, it’s time to make your work Christmas party stand out from all the rest! There are plenty of ways to do this. The best work Christmas parties, however, usually have activities that enable guests to let their hair down and bond with each other. For instance, you can’t go wrong with a photobooth, or perhaps an active, competitive game such as lawn bowls. Whatever entertainment or activities you choose, make sure it’s something unique yet suitable for all employees.

  1. Reward your staff

Christmas parties are a time to celebrate the year gone by, and to reward staff for their hard work. Not only does this positive reinforcement make staff feel valuable, but it increases morale which will make staff more loyal and committed to their work for the coming year. This can mean providing each staff member with a little gift, or simply giving everyone a glass of champagne and saying a toast.

  1. Have an end point

Everyone has heard the story of the Christmas party that goes on too long, and the employee stories that follow! Avoid any embarrassing incidents by making sure there is a strict end time for your work Christmas party.

A great work Christmas party will leave staff feeling refreshed and valued for the coming year of work. If executed well, a great Christmas part can strengthen bonds between employees and increase morale tenfold.