Tips on How to Take Care of Your Cigars

Cigar owners and especially users may not be aware of how important it is to care of your cigars. Besides it being hygienic, you also need to be particular about the ideal storage condition for your cigars. Cigars are organic materials, so like every other organic material, they could be affected by external physical and/or chemical factors leading to a change in their physical and/or chemical conditions. 

One of the most important tips to know on maintaining the finest Cuban cigars is that these cigars should be stored in an environment with consistent humidity to achieve an even burn and enjoyable experience. 

Here are important tips you need to take care of your cigars:

Make sure the temperature they are stored in is consistent.

To make cigars long-lasting and enjoyable, you need to store them at the temperature that best suits them. For example, a cigar made in a certain country or state will be best stored and smoked in that state or country, as it would require the temperature used when they were made. Therefore, you will need to store them in a temperature close to or exactly as that of the state of production as at the time of production. However, a general rule to know is that some of the best cigars in the world are stored at a temperature of 68 degrees and a humidity of 70%.

You should consider using a Humidor.

A humidor helps to keep the humidity of the storage space in check. It does this by mimicking the temperature of the climate where the cigars were produced. They do this by adding increasing the moisture or removing excess moisture from the atmosphere and by extension the cigars too. Humidors are especially useful as a care tip for old and ageing cigars. It helps to remove dampness from cigars which could make them burn poorly as well as add necessary moisture to cigars to prevent them from burning out rapidly.

Use a Humidistat and Hygrometer.

A humidistat helps to keep the humidity of your cigars at about 70%. They are inexpensive humidifiers that do not need electricity to work. A hygrometer works by telling you/showing you the humidity levels of the atmosphere. This helps you to know when you should use your humistat and for how long. There are digital and analogue versions, depending on your budget, but they are all effective. 

Never Damage the Thin Wrapper.

The thin wrapper that is used to cover your cigar is the most delicate part of your cigar. Once this thin wrapper is damaged during storage, it could affect how fast or slow the cigar burns. Be careful when handling to avoid tears or holes and avoid leaving your cigars exposed or unprotected as much as possible.

You do not have to be a cigar expert to know how to care for your cigars. You only need to do enough research and be consistent with the care tips you find most convenient for you.