Most loved Ninja slots

Everyone knows what a ninja looks like – a warrior dressed all in black. But does everyone know what a ninja is? They are actually Japanese agents, trained in stealth and many different martial arts, used as human weapons. They are particularly known for assassinations and surprise attacks, but they also carry out sabotage and espionage around the world too. 

Ninjas are fairly popular in mainstream culture, although you wouldn’t want to meet one in real life (and you never know, you might have been near to one at many times but just not been aware of the fact since they are so good at hiding!). 

As with many other pop culture icons, the ninja has been transformed into a slot theme many times over. The biggest problem with this is respect. The Japanese ninja is a person to respect highly, and in Japan this is exactly what happens. These are the elite; they are special. So you wouldn’t want to play a game at Dream Jackpot that doesn’t respect the sanctity and mystery of the ninja; be careful what you choose, as you wouldn’t want one after you! 

Ninja Ways

With six reels and 4,096 paylines, Ninja Ways is a fun but fascinating look at the world of the ninja. It’s made by Red Tiger, and there are plenty of bonuses and extras to search for as well. Red Tiger are actually award-winning developers, and were founded in 2014. 

The game itself is set in a Japanese city. You are in front of a pagoda, and it’s night time. Already you can feel the mystery of the ninja coming through already. You’ll be plating with symbols A to 10 as well as four different ninja themed symbols. 

Bonus features trigger randomly in this game, surprising you just as the ninjas themselves would in real life. 

Legend Of The 5 Ninjas

Made by Eyecon, this ninja-themed slot is made in the cartoon style, making it a lot of fun while still giving the idea of a ninja theme. Now, Eyecon are not famous for their graphics; there are many developers who are much better. However, what Eyecon does very well is ‘quirky’. The games might be basic, but they are a lot of fun because effort has gone into making them totally unique and immensely playable. 

In Legend Of The 5 Ninjas, there are five reels (one for each ninja, perhaps?) and 243 paylines, so it’s a very standard setup. Yet that doesn’t detract from the fun; it’s still great to play and for a ninja themed game it is perhaps a little less subtle than most.