Origins Of Bingo

Bingo is a social form of gambling that is played across the globe and it is still very popular even today. What has kept this game popular is that it has now developed as part of a night out. This especially is the case for the new younger audience who now can enjoy music, alcohol and food with their bingo entertainment.

Bingo venues are more vibrant than ever thanks to this new clientele. Online, the game at MrLuck continues to thrive too and this is because of the accessibility of the games and the vast choice of bingo games available online 24/7.

The invention of Slingo, which is a mix of bingo and slots, has also helped increase the interest in bingo. If you are one of those punters who actually wonder how bingo was created in the first place, then the story is a fascinating one.

Lottery Origins 

The exact origins of bingo can actually be traced back to a lottery game that was introduced into Italian society all the way back in 1530. The Giuoco Lotto Italia didn’t take long to prove a hit with the Italian public. It is thought that this very game actually laid down the foundations of 90-ball bingo that is played today across the globe. 

The Italian lottery game also introduced the concept of cards containing numbers and rows on them that were purchased by each player. The numbers would be pulled out of a sack and called out, again much like bingo of today. Due to the popularity of the game, it was impossible to keep the game within the country and by the late 1770s this lotto game crossed borders and was introduced to other countries that also embraced it.

As with so many gambling games, the French took to this lotto game in such a big way that they decided to put their own spin on it. In France it was known as Le Lotto and the French modified a few aspects of the game as well. The cards were modified and resembled those used in modern 90-ball bingo. 

The Move Towards Bingo 

The game eventually made it to the UK in the 1800s and like in most other countries, it proved to be a huge hit. The name changed and lost the lotto tag and slowly became known as bingo. The journey didn’t stop at the UK, bingo made its way to North America where it was known as beano. In 1929 a chance happening in Atlanta Georgia, saw the name change from beano to bingo. A toy salesman named Edwin Lowe heard a member of the public shout bingo instead of beano when they won and Lowe thought that this name for the game would be far more memorable and marketable. Edwin Lowe went on to produce and market the game extensively through America. 

Final Thoughts 

The origins of bingo are still evident in the modern game that is played both online and at land-based bingo venues across the globe. It is a game that is still developing and this is mostly, because of the presence it has online.