Do You Have What it Takes to be a Doctor?

Being a doctor is without question one of the toughest jobs on the planet, on the face of it, being doctor looks like a great career, curing diseases and saving lives and earning quite a healthy paycheck. Whilst this is true, many people neglect to realize the sheer amount of sacrifice that doctors have to make in order to perform such a noble job and if you want to be a doctor then you’re going to need to have a unique set of skills to do so.


Regardless of what field of medicine you go into, the skills you need will be the same, whether it is as a pediatrics doctor, a general practitioner, an oncologist or a leading neurosurgeon like Joseph Yazdi. If becoming a doctor is something that you’ve always wanted to do then here are just some of the skills that you’re going to need.

Hard Work

There are few careers where you will nee dot work as hard as doctors do, both in their training to become a doctor and actually doing the job itself requires hours and hours of commitment and you need to have a great work ethic if you want to succeed.


Doctors can’t just take days off whenever they feel like it, they need to constantly be at 100% as the lives of others is always at stake. In order to be a doctor and to put in the hours of work that are required then you need to be completely passionate about what you do. The world of medicine is forever changing and you need to always be on top of any new advancements that take place, in order to succeed as a doctor you need to be wholeheartedly passionate about medicine.

Be Able to Separate Emotions

Doctors need to be able to look at the human body as though it was an engine, nothing more than a mixture of parts which need to be repaired. Being a doctor requires you to strip all emotion out of what you are doing and to focus solely on the problem. It simply isn’t possible to feel any emotion about someone when you may need to cut them open or give them high doses of drugs.

Have a Great Bedside Manner

As a doctor you will be treating people who are nervous and scared and it is important that you have a friendly bedside manner that puts your customers at ease. You can do this without becoming emotionally attached to the patient and striking this balance is vitally important.

Be Results Driven

It may sound crass bit being results driven is an important part of being a doctor, especially when you consider that so results are saving lives and curing diseases. Many health organizations have targets which they must meet and to be a good doctor then you need to be able to commit yourself to results and meet targets and expectations.