Should I Send an eCard or a Traditional Card?

Image by Will Clayton, Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Will Clayton, Flickr Creative Commons

eCards can be good and bad. It all depends on point of view. There are a lot of different types of eCards. The ones that most people are used to seeing are the ones that are used on social media; the ones that are supposed to elicit a laugh. There are many different kinds of these, and they are usually entertaining and sometimes offensive.

There are also funny birthday ecards here that you send through e-mail that are actually a nice alternative to regular paper cards. They can have just as much meaning, and with the ever-growing world of technology, it is now possible to even handwrite a message. These cards are nice to receive, but they can be a little bit more impersonal.

The eCards are less expense (sometimes free) to send, which is nice in an economy where every cent counts. They are also easier to store. Deciding which cards to get rid of because of whatever sentimental value they hold can be very difficult. You always think about what that person meant to you and how nice it was that they would send you a card and then you wind up with a drawer of cards and no way to look at them all. These you can store right on your desktop or in one of your email folders.

Perks of using Ecards:

·  Ecards also come in all varieties; they can be regular cards, sappy cards, romantic, or funny. You can even send e-postcards and travel updates. Going online to find an ecard is better than walking into a store because you have more variety.

·  Ecards can also come in the form of a post card with a funny picture attached; these are the ones that you are used to seeing on social media. When they ring true to you, you share them with your friends, so check out these funny eCards.

·  Ecards are a nice alternative to sending actual cards.

·  They are also nice because if you are feeling the need, you can print them out to look at them as well.

Perks of Using Traditional Cards

·  They also take some of the meaning out of sending cards. Nothing can beat the feeling of going to the mailbox and seeing a card in there, addressed to you for whatever special occasion or just because reason there is.

·  It is always overjoying to know that somebody cares enough to go out and physically purchase a card, thinking about what is right for you and what will fit your personality.

·  There are some things that ecards will never be able to make up for. In an economy of mostly internet interaction instead of face to face interaction, enough of the personal life is left out.

There is no more running over to your friend’s house to see them; now you just video chat. There are not even really any more phone calls, now you just send a quick text message. In a society that is becoming obsessed with the internet, sometimes it is better to get away from that and go out into the world, pick out a card, and send it to your friend. Somehow, it makes it more personal. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, but ecards are making life easier and less expensive.