Jeffrey Breault – Living What You Love

Jeffrey Breault is very much someone who has forged a highly successful career off the back of the things which he is most passionate about and anyone who is looking to do the same can learn a lot from someone like Jeff Breault. To me Jeff isn’t the powerful automotive CEO who you all may have come to know but rather a friend and a business partner who I am very lucky to have in my life. We are often told to do what we love as a career but things don’t always work out that way, for Jeff on the other hand this is exactly what he has done and here is how he lives the dream every day.


Jeff and I first bonded when we were young over our passion, or should I say obsession with cars and all things automotive. Jeff was always talking about running his own company one day so that he could spend his career working with cars and that is exactly what he ended up going on to do. I am not sure that Jeffrey Breault was ever conscious of doing what he loved everyday, he just knew that he loved cars and any job with cars in it was going to be a good one. Jeff’s love of cars is limitless and even when he is not at work he’ll have his head stuck in a car magazine or he’ll be at the track racing or just spending time watching.


After the success of his car company Jeff decided that he wanted to put some money into his other great passion in life, country music. Jeff became and investor in a new country music spot which they were beginning to build and he is there almost every weekend! Jeff has a lot less pressure with the bar given that he is a joint investor but he still makes some key decisions about who plays at his venue and who doesn’t. I must confess that country music is not for me but I have attended a couple of functions at Jeff’s place and he has got himself a very cool music venue indeed. The bar is starting to get some rave reviews in the country music community, proving that if you are passionate about what you do, you can turn it into something of a real success.


Jeff wasn’t always the entrepreneur that we see today and I knew that there was a time when he’d have to put in the work in something which he didn’t enjoy, in order to put himself in a position where he could focus on those things which he certainly does enjoy. Making a career in what you are passionate about is not easy but the benefit which you will receive in doing this is ultimately a life which is far happier than any other, as Jeff Breault has shown us.