What to Look For in the Best Used Powersports Extended Warranty

If you are looking to buy used powersports vehicles it is likely that you will be given a short warranty, perhaps a year. The reason behind this is that the vehicle is not new and therefore cannot be guaranteed for as long as a new vehicle could be, given the increased likelihood of something going wrong. With this being said however you can in fact invest in an extended warranty for extra protection. The key is getting a high quality level of cover, and here is what to look for in the best extended warranty for used powersports.


When it comes to extending the warranty which you already have on your powersports vehicle, time is what you should be looking for. The amount of time is key to ensuring that you are able to get as much coverage as you possibly can. It stands to reason that older vehicles are going to run into problems as they age further, which is why the longest warranty you can get, the better.

Competitive Price

You shouldn’t necessarily be looking to get the lowest price available to you, as this is rarely likely to provide you with the best cover. What you should expect however is a competitive price from the provider, which falls in line with other companies on the market.

Speedy Turnaround

If you have a sports bike which runs into problems during your ownership, it is critical that you can get the issue resolved quickly. Not all warranty providers however have a reputation for speedy turnarounds which is something that you have to focus on. It is not just the time that the issue takes to resolve which you should focus on, but the speed of payment for the repairs.

Customer Service

If you are in a tight spot because something has gone wrong then you should expect a high quality of customer service from your warranty provider. You need a level of empathy from the service provider as well as efficiency in taking care of your problems and looking to resolve them as quickly as possible.


Extended warranty contracts often have a huge amount of detail packed into them. This will discuss what exactly you are covered for, where your vehicle can be fixed, how it must be handled and a wealth of additional detail which you will need to know. The very best warranty providers will ensure that you are made clearly aware of all of this detail and that before you sign, you fully understand exactly what you are going to be agreeing to. Don’t let any company push you to sign a contract which has not been correctly explained to you in full detail.

Don’t be afraid to contact numerous extended warranty providers for your powersports vehicle in order to ensure that you can weigh up the pros and cons of each one. The idea of this warranty is to give you full cover and peace of mind, which is why this research is essential.