What Are The Most Common Car Accident Causes?

Every single day there are hundreds of car accidents that happen across the US alone. Just in the state of California there are over 10 happening every day. Most of these accidents are preventable. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the drivers have no insurance or are underinsured.

There are many different reasons why road accidents happen. You should be aware of the really common ones so that you can avoid them. According to Noll Springfield auto accident attorney, the most common causes you have to know are those presented below.

Distracted Driving

This is the most common road accident cause. It is much more common than other causes people see as being more common, like drunk driving or speeding. A driver can easily become distracted due to various different reasons. Examples of distracted driving causes include eating food behind the wheel, drinking and cell phone use.


Speed limits are present for a reason. They help protect drivers. It should come as no surprise to see speeding as a really common road accident cause. Truck and car accidents that do involve speeding often lead to fatal road injuries.

Unfortunately, even if driving above speed limits is illegal, it is behavior that can be seen as being common practice these days. You want to avoid speeding since driving at really high speeds makes it really difficult to control the vehicle. Also, any collision can become fatal fast at higher speeds.

Drunk Driving

Another really major accident cause, drunk driving usually happens on holidays and weekends, although it can happen at any point of day or night. The big problem with alcohol consumption is that it will reduce your focus and response time. This instantly increases the possibility to be in an accident.

Although drunk driving accidents are so easy to prevent, few understand the importance of never drinking and driving. Do not make this mistake.

Reckless Driving

This is a concept that is not properly understood by many. Reckless driving involves many different actions that should not happen, like speeding, tailgating, ignoring signs and changing lanes without being sure it is safe to do so. In most situations, reckless driving happens as one motorist does not care about other people on the road. Actions performed endanger others.


Nature does have an impact on driving. Rain is quite a common road accident cause in the US and all around the world. If the road is wet, road grip is not as strong. It is really easy for the vehicle to simple slide across. Motorist control is reduced and accident risk increases.

Keep in mind that rain-related risks are way too often amplified due to improper car maintenance. For instance, if the tires chosen do not offer a good grip or are not properly inflated, the possibility of an accident happening on a wet surface is much higher.


The car accident causes mentioned above are just the most common ones. Many others can be mentioned. No matter the situation, in the event that you were involved in an accident, be sure that you contact an attorney and that you do what the police tells you.