Dr. Roger Olade – Should We Trust Holistic Medicines?

When I moved down to Texas two years ago I must say that I was delighted to discover that next door to us we had a doctor who was living there with his wife. Dr. Roger Olade has since become a very good friend of mine which has made our living situation even better, after all it is never a bad idea to have a doctor on your doorstep, or a friend for that matter! In what could be considered by some as a conflict of interests my wife is actually a holistic specialist who sells products which aim to cure disorders and diseases, as well as offering pain relief. I have spoken at length with the doctor about this and here is whether or not you should trust these treatments.

When Not To

As far as Dr. Roger Olade is concerned he believes that there is nothing wrong withering certain holistic treatments for some mild problems but there are cases when it shouldn’t be used. Here in Texas Dr. Olade works with the FDA on approving new products and he has seen first hand some of the damage that some of these products can actually do. When it comes to aches and pains there is nothing wrong with these treatments but for anything more severe such as cancer or internal medicine issues, these should always be looked at by professional doctors.


Something which the doctor often reminds me of is that the medicine and holistic treatments are not mutually exclusive and almost all of the drugs which are used by doctors do in fact have their roots in natural medicine. The argument which many make is that for many years we had shamans and holistic professionals who worked on helping to cure and heal. Given that the average life expectancy is now far higher it is clear that we need a meeting of the two, natural ingredients with health properties, which have been synthesized in a way in which they are fit for humans.

When To Use

Even Mr. Olade has come to see my wife on occasion when his back has flared up, because she has created the most amazing product to reduce inflammation and pain. This is why he says that when it comes to low impact or low level medical requirements, a holistic approach in often the best. Ibuprofen is a perfect example, it cures pain but it can strip away some of the lining in your stomach over a long period of time. This pain relief can be replaced by a holistic approach which won’t have any of the secondary issues which some modern medicine can offer. Anything internal should be seen professionally but for everyday aches and pains, even Dr. Olade admits that a holistic approach can work wonders.

What is your preference between the two? Do you think there is still a case for a holistic approach in the modern world?