Five Smart Tips for Establishing Your Stay-at-Home Workspace


Although ditching a traditional “job” in lieu of working from home, there’s more that goes into being a successful stay-at-home solopreneur than meets the eye.

For those working on their own terms, it’s crucial to separate the comfort of “home’ from your business. Why does having a dedicated workspace matter so much? For starters, consider that…

  • Having a home office ensures your productivity and ability to focus versus leaving yourself prone to distractions
  • For tax purposes, it’s important to have a distinct workspace defined for your home-based business
  • Those who keep their work confined to a single space tend to be more organized: rather than scramble for documents or inventory, you’ll always know exactly where the various pieces of your businesses are being kept

However, not all home offices are created equal. Whether you’re working with physical products or run a web-based business, keep the following tips in mind as you set up your home workspace.

Secure a Dedicated Space

First and foremost, you can’t section off a corner of your home or garage and call that a workspace. Whether through a dedicated office in your home or a steel workshop building for those working with their hands, you need somewhere to work in peace.

Remember that working from home isn’t all fun and games: just because you aren’t slaving away at a cubicle doesn’t mean that you don’t need an office to associate with “work” rather than “play.”

Keep Your Budget in Check

Simply put, don’t blow out your home office budget by making a bunch of needless investments before your business gets off the ground. For example, do you really need a new computer, scanner or other potentially pricy equipment? Try to make do with as much as you can now and make investments as-needed when your business starts to take off.

Give Your Space a Sense of Personality

Working from home doesn’t need to be all gloom and doom. From décor such as family pictures to a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite tunes, even the smallest of personal touches can help inspire your sense of productivity. Although you don’t need to spend a ton of time or energy on decorating your space, you don’t have to commit to a suit-and-tie vibe for your office if it doesn’t jive with your personality.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Comfort is likewise paramount to staying productive. High-quality chairs and seating are a must for those who work in front of a computer all day. Similarly, those doing manual labor should mind their workstations and take special care if they’re standing or leaning over for long periods of time. From the temperature to your workspace to the quality of your seating, don’t ignore the seemingly small touches that could impact your ability to get down to business.

Keep Close Track of Your Office Purchases

Just as you don’t want to blow out of your budget, you should keep receipts of anything and everything you purchase for your home office. For example, you may be able to write off some of your expenses during tax time; however, you can only do this if you’re organized and mindful of your budget.

Establishing a home office isn’t as simple as buying a desk and saying “done.” These tips will not only ensure that you stay productive at home but keep your budget in check as you create a home workspace that quite literally works for you.