Four Ways to Make Your Business More Environmentally Sustainable

Sustainability and financial efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive for businesses these days. If you’re looking for ways to make your business more eco-friendly, here are four option that will also improve your bottom line.

There are many ways to Make Your Business More Environmentally Sustainable

1. Go paperless.

The first order of business for any modern entrepreneur is to do away with unnecessary paper. When’s the last time you had to send or receive a fax? In this day and age, emails are both welcome and expected. If you do need to send a fax, cut out the cover sheet and use a fax-modem to eliminate the hard copy. Similarly, you can opt for online marketing practices rather than old-fashioned paper forms of advertising.

2. Switch to eco-friendly fixtures.

Another way to save money and energy at once is to swap your regular office or retail fixtures for more efficient ones. This could be everything from Energy Star appliances in an office setting to Euroceppi eco-cutting boards in a restaurant. Use glass and silver in your hospitality setting rather than disposable plates and flatware. The simple act of replacing regular light bulbs with energy-efficient options can save you a bundle over time, and it costs very little to implement. Finally, consider signing up for a professional energy audit to see additional ways to make your place of business more efficient.

3. Commit to alternative forms of power.

As you look for ways to green your office, another factor to consider is power. While it’s helpful to turn appliances off when you lock up for the day, you could also sign up for green power schemes. This could include everything from wind to solar power. If you have room, you could even contribute to the grid by fixing solar panels on your workplace’s roof.

4. Cut commuting times.

The daily commute can be harsh both on your wallet and the environment. While many entrepreneurs have home offices, for some business owners it’s unavoidable to travel to and from your place of business each day. In these cases, look for ways to cut commuting times. Could you work from home once or twice a week? Try using public transportation or getting in shape by biking.

By implementing a few eco-friendly practices into your daily business, you’ll not only help preserve the planet, but also save some serious cash in the meantime.