How to Make New Friends

Meeting new people is never easy, especially if you are shy or new to a town. There are some things you can do though to help you become part of a crowd. Here are some things that simply work:

Learn to Play Guitar

Why is it that the person playing the guitar always seems to know everyone? It is because everyone wants to know the person who plays because that person is considered cool. So to meet new people learn to play the guitar. But a word of advice, get proficient on the instrument a bit before you bust out your skills in front of others. To do this you need the help of a professional like Tom Hess guitar teacher/guru, who can train you on how to play like rock star and enthrall your newly made friends.


Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet high quality people. When you volunteer you put yourself around a group of good citizens who are interested in giving back to their community and helping their fellow man. The best approach is to volunteer at a cause you care about because then you have a built in first conversation for anyone new you meet. You know that you will be around like-minded people and so will they and there you have the perfect foundation for a new relationship. If you are looking for people to hang out with, you will probably find many and if you are searching for a significant other, you might just end up working right alongside the person.

Get a Dog 

I’m sure you have seen at least one film where someone used a cute dog to pick up someone else. What is surprising is how effective dogs are as ice-breakers. In this area they are simply magical, furry gifts. Now to be clear I am not suggesting you go out and buy a dog just so you can make friends (although this is not too bad an idea), but what I am suggesting is that if you have a love for the animal, and perhaps even own one now, if you are not using it to meet people you are not taking full advantage of what you have already. Dogs are great conversation starters and people love to talk about theirs and hear about yours as well. Also, there is nothing quite like a cute little puppy. You are absolutely guaranteed to get someone to stop and sigh dreamily at a sweet furry face and ask you a million questions about it. A few important things about dogs though. They demand time, time, money, and energy, so you need to be sure that you have some of each before you purchase one.

Attend Networking and Community Events

Networking typically brings together groups of people in the same industry and community events bring together people who live in the same area. So if you attend either, you are guaranteed to be around people who have something in common with you. Networking events these days have all sorts of tricks to get people to intermingle. They sit strangers at the same table, and even create silly games around getting to communicate with one another If you can take the silliness in good fun, you can gain the opportunity to meet some interesting people and if you attend a few of these events you will likely see the same people often and find yourself as part of a developing group. Community events are characteristically held around some specific agenda that is important to the community so they tend to be more serious But here also you will often be sat next to strangers who are your neighbors and here again if you attend several you will likely see the same faces and find it easy to strike up a conversation or someone will approach you. Be prepared to kindle the conversation once it gets going and soon you will be popular.