Age 50 or 35? How to Keep them Guessing

Looking younger than you are is part genetics, but mostly behavioral. In other words if you start off with good genes you have a head start but you can be quickly caught by people who do things to keep themselves looking young. Here is a list of those things you should do if you want to have people always guessing that you are many years younger than your actual age.

Use skin products that protect it from the environment and promote anti-aging

The science used in cosmetics has advanced to the point where the high quality products are very effective at keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Companies like Jeunesse Global have spent a fortune developing these products and making sure they are effective for all ages and skin types. When you use them, you can expect results that are noticeable and continuous. The key is buying high quality products and using them all the time on your skin. Be sure to make sure the products have protection from wind and the sun which can cause a loss of elasticity in the skin leading to wrinkles.

Modify your diet

When you age, your dietary needs change. So modifying your diet as you age is not only good for feeding your body, it also contributes to your overall look and the heath of your skin. After age fifty, there are several nutrients that the body tends to be deficient in and you need to make sure you are getting the right amounts of. These include: Vitamin A, folate, B-complex, zinc, protein, calcium, Vitamin C and iron. You can get these nutrients from supplements, but it is always best to get them from food that you are consuming. To ensure you are getting the right amount of these important nutrients, eat a balanced diet and stock up on low-fat dairy, lean proteins, leafy green vegetables and plenty of fresh fruits. You should also lay off any salty or oily snacks which can cause havoc on your skin creating oil and blackheads.

Drink plenty of water

You may have heard this before and here it goes again: you probably need to drink at least twice the amount of water you are drinking for a healthy body and healthier skin.  Humans are mostly water and water is used in every important process in the body including the creation of new skin cells, so getting the right amounts of it is a necessity. Your goal should be to stay constantly hydrated by always having a bottle of water available that you sip on throughout your day so you total 8 glasses. The result in a short while will be healthier skin and a more radiant complexion.

Get good sleep

Getting quality sleep is an under appreciated factor in looking younger. The body needs time to rest and rejuvenate and without it, the body feels and looks tired. Think of how much older people look when they have bags under their eyes and deep worry lines because they are exhausted. You should aim for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night and if you cannot accomplish this, then look to take a power nap during the day. Follow this advice and you will look younger and more refreshed.

So there you have it, the necessary advice to have you looking younger. One more tip is to only consume alcohol modestly and no smoking, because both cause you to age prematurely.