Reasons Why an Alkaline Diet Is Good For You

An alkaline diet is one of the best diets when it comes to increasing longevity and keeping diseases at bay. Balancing your body’s pH by taking an alkaline diet is a health practice worth it in the end. You reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as hypertension, vitamin D deficiency, arthritis, low bone density and many others. With an alkaline diet, you can actually reach optimum health by achieving a pH ranging between 7.35 and 7.45.

Other reasons why taking an alkaline diet is great for you are as follows:

No Pain & Inflammation

An alkaline diet will keep your body from experiencing pain and inflammation. This inflammation is usually what contributes to the different pains you might be experiencing such as headaches, joint pain, back pain, muscle spasms and so on.

The diet enables supplementation of essential minerals that prevent inflammation such as potassium and magnesium. So if you want to reduce the chances of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis from occurring, consider incorporating this diet in your meals.

An Ideal Post-Procedure Diet

If you are due for surgery or a stem cell treatment procedure anytime soon, an alkaline diet would do you good. Since it is never healthy to take any anti-inflammatory medications or supplements a week before a procedure, an alkaline diet would do in this case. Your doctor will likely tell you the same.

Cancer Prevention

This diet may also be effective when it comes to reducing the risk of cancer.  Research suggests that inflammation plays a role in cancer’s growth.  So, eating foods that have the ability to reduce inflammation may make it harder for cancers to progress.   

A Boosted Immune Function

A better immune system is one of the reasons Why an Alkaline Diet Is Good For You

Having antioxidant foods such as leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, is one way to incorporate the alkaline diet. These foods improve your immunity and keep the pH level balanced, allowing your immune system to function efficiently. With an acidic diet however, the cells will get affected in a manner that they fail to dispose waste products effectively.

An acidic body is also limited when it comes to absorbing essential vitamins and minerals and this will only cause accumulation of harmful toxins and pathogens which considerably weaken the immune system.

No Heartburn or Digestion Issues

An alkaline diet is perfect for your digestive system and it effectively prevents an acid reflux and heartburn from occurring. The enzymes that perform digestion require an acid-alkaline balance in the body and any disruption in that balance will also cause digestion issues. That is why you need an alkaline diet to strike that balance in your body.

Promotes Heart Health

An alkaline diet helps in reducing the risk of strokes and hypertension. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of plaque in the arteries and any sort of clot formation. Also the polyphenols from an alkaline diet help in inhibiting the absorption of bad cholesterol levels in blood vessels, hence the lowering of blood pressure and reduced risk of experiencing heart attacks.

Ideal for Weight Management

An alkaline diet will help you maintain a healthy weight. The diet is rich in nutrients, minerals and enzymes that will help in food breakdown and boost sufficient energy. Your body mass index will improve and your metabolism rate will increase. So combined with, weight loss exercises, an alkaline diet should help you lose that unwanted weight.

Now that you have seen the importance of an alkaline diet, incorporate alkaline foods such as baby spinach, avocados, green drinks like wheatgrass juice or barley grass juice, more plant-based foods and only organic animal products.