These are the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is now so popular the amount of people who have gotten a procedure may soon surpass those who have not. Why? Because these days everyone wants to look good and with the ease of having a procedure to correct anything big or small, the excuse to not have something done becomes more and more difficult to locate. To cosmetic surgery specialists like Sono Bello reviews by their patients tell the stories of happy people who have opted to take a direct hand in improving their appearance. They opt for a wide range of procedures, but these are the most popular.

Nose Job

The odds are you know several people who have opted for a nose. These include the ones who have told you they have had the procedure done and the ones who have never let you know. Since the nose sits right at the center of our faces, it is the subject of much scrutiny and when people consider having something done, it is often the topic of conversation. A nose job can be subtle affecting on the size or only parts such as the tip or the bridge of the nose, or dramatic affecting both the size and shape giving patients options of how much of a change they would like. For those with issues such as asymmetric nostril, a rhinoplasty offers the perfect opportunity at correcting them and with prices equal to an island vacation, its pricing has come in reach of the average person.


When older people want to look younger their favorite procedure is the facelift. The procedure grew in popularity among celebrities and then the high society set eventually gaining popularity with all groups as prices came down. The facelift is a major medical procedure that has been popular for a long time. The procedure involves tightening the facial muscles and pulling the skin more tightly on the face to produce smoother and younger looking skin. When performed correctly the look is dramatic often taking a decade off the patient’s face. Techniques for a facelift have been modified over time and the procedure is now much less invasive and requires only half of its original healing time. There are also now facelifts aimed at different parts of the face and that can be performed very regularly.

Breast Augmentation

Whoever said bigger is not better was a liar and nowhere is this proven more than in the amount of women opting for breast enlargement surgery. This type of surgery used to carry a huge stigma because women would guess at a size they would like and they always seemed to guess too large. When they showed back to work, it looked as if they had completely inflated their chests in a disproportionate manner. Over time however and with better doctor advice and technology allowing women to see exactly how they will look, breast augmentation is now performed to give women and enhanced rather than overblown look.


The fastest growing area of cosmetic surgery is in the area of implants which are inserted in the cheeks, chin, and buttocks. The desire is for a fuller healthier and younger appearance because the implants can rise up sagging tissue and make it look firmer. In the buttocks, implants are used to give a fuller more shapely set.