John Robert Powers Modeling Agency Tips To Success

The John Robert Powers modeling agency here in Chicago has been operating for over 30 years and during that time it has seen a huge number of models come through its ranks. Becoming a model is something that many of us would love to do but it is an industry which is notoriously difficult to find work in, unless you happen to be a future star. This subjective industry is becoming slightly more accessible to people however and the world of modeling is not something untouchable like it used to be. If you also have desires to one day be a model, here are some tips from the guys working at the agency, on how you can find success in the industry.

Caring For Yourself

The image that fashion brands and clothing stores wish to push is one of health, which is in stark contrast to the skinny models which we used to see many years ago. This means that you must take care of yourself and no matter what kind of model you want to be, you must always look your best. Make sure that you are doing plenty of exercise to stay in shape and that you are regularly looking after your skin, hair and nails. There are no days off when you are trying to become a model so this needs to be something which becomes routine for you.


Being a successful model is all about getting the right contacts so you should try your best to build strong relationships with people inside the industry. Despite the fierce rivalries you should try to befriend other models, fashion designers, shop owners and important industry personnel if you want to become a success. You never know when these contacts might help you out so make sure that you are kind to people and that you are actively trying to create and maintain relationships.

Staying Strong

When you audition for an agency you need to bear in mind that you are probably up against a huge number of other models that are vying for the same position. The law of averages suggest that you may not get the gig and that is something which you need to come to terms with. Your ability to deal with rejection will dictate how successful you are in this industry so you need to have thick skin and a relentless approach. You should never go in expecting to fail, but you soul be able to deal with it well when you do.

Going it Alone

There is no reason why you need a modeling agency and thanks to social media you can build up a huge public following without ever having to work for a particular agency or company. Using social media channels like Instagram can show off who you are and what you are all about, and then if you gain a large following you can use this to catapult your career.

Review what you are doing up til now, and then see if you can improve things using these tips.