Emergency Plumber Service in Chicago to Flood Proof Your Property

Keep an Emergency Plumber Service in Chicago on speed dial to protect your property from catastrophic damage

No Chicagoan will ever forget April 1992, when the aftermath of the Great Chicago Flood resulted in an estimated loss of $1 billion and subsequent business losses, as was reported in this Chicago Tribune article, marking the 25th anniversary of this tragic incident.

If history has ever taught us something, it is the ability to learn from our mistakes and be prepared for unforeseen situations. So, if you have a residential or commercial property, in Chicago or Glenview, in particular, you can seek the services of 24 hour plumbers, such as Mike’s Chicago Plumbing, which has been  business since 1997 and offers plumbing services in Glenview and across the Greater Chicago area.

Things to Look for in an Emergency Plumber Service


  • Round the clock availability – As a resident of Chicago and someone who has witnessed or heard about the Great Chicago Flood of 1992, you must look for a 24 hour plumber in Chicago on priority. An ever-dependable service provider whose plumbing expertise you can rely on even in regardless of the time.




  • Promptness in resolution – A lot of the so-called emergency plumber services in Chicago will advertise themselves as 24*7/365 services but will fail the test when you need them the most. Try to seek their service after the normal business hours just to validate their claims and see if they are able to reach your place in under an hour or not.



  • Prior experience in flood related issues – It helps to know if the plumbing service that you are about to hire has extensive experience in installing flood control systems or not. Basement flooding is a commonly reported issue, which an expert plumber will be able to not just tackle but point out well in advance for you to implement preventive measures.
  • Someone who can handle wide-ranging issues – While flood-proofing is a major concern, knowing an emergency plumber in Chicago will also help you deal with ill-timed leakages in the drains, sewers or water lines, and address a host of other plumbing/sewer issues and other installation, repair and replacement needs.
  • Provides free estimates – A professional plumbing company will always reveal all the charges upfront and even provide estimates to you free of cost. Before engaging a plumber, you must find out if the estimate provided is full and final in all respects, and that there will not be any hidden fees charged to you later.
  • Delivers quality output – A 24 hour plumber in Chicago who is not just affordable and prompt in providing a resolution but also delivers quality output upon each engagement should be a natural fit. A good way to find this out is to read customer testimonials online about the services they have delivered to other customers in the past.

Engaging with a fast, courteous and reliable plumbing service can prep you up to face any plumbing-related emergency with confidence in the future. A reputable plumbing company will also be skilled at identifying local building/area code violations, which is a major concern area for a lot of people.