The Benefits of Freshly Made Juice

You hear about it quite often: juicing is good for you. However, most of us don’t know exactly why is juicing so great for our bodies and how to make deliciously nutritive juice getting the most out of nature. To help you understand better why you should start drinking fresh homemade juices, we have put together the following list of benefits – so make sure to read on!

Fruits and Vegetables (Creative Commons)
Fruits and Vegetables (Creative Commons)

Fighting Disease

Yes, juicing can fight diseases. Studies show that a large intake of vegetables and fruit can have amazing effects on those fighting cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and so on. Of course, these benefits are very much related to the ingredients used in the juices as well, but in general, one glass of homemade juice contains lots of vitamins and minerals able to fight disease. Aside from the above-mentioned illnesses, juicing can also improve the immune system and it’s excellent when you want to protect yourself (and your family) from the harsh effect cold winter months have on our bodies.

Bear in mind though that giving your body just juices is not a good idea. In fact, it’s completely unhealthy as it can significantly lower the amount of fibrethat gets into your body. Drink one glass of juice in the morning, one in the afternoon, but do make sure to eat solid food as well – your body needs that too!

Juicing (Creative commons)
Juicing (Creative commons)

Energizing the Body

Don’t expect to feel like a bomb full of energy from the very moment you have your first glass of homemade juice. However, do expect things to change from this point of view. The large intake of vitamins and minerals will push your body’s energy levels to heights you probably did not even know that were there. You will feel rejuvenated, energized and full of good vibes. You will want to be active. You will want to do even more things for your health. Juicers have quite an impact on the quality of juice you make, so do a little bit of research before getting one. A lot of juicers get too heated in the process, thus altering the fruit and taking most nutrients out of it. Vitality 4 Life’s juicers are a great option for nutritive homemade juice .

Weight Loss

In general, juicing can help with weight loss. However, keep in mind the fact that you should pay a lot of attention to what  is included in your juices. Fruits can contain lots of sugar (“fructose”, to be more specific) and that means that an intake of fruits that is too large can actually be hurtful. However, there are many juices you can make with just a bit of fruit and lots of greens and vegetables – and those ones can help you with a better digestion, more energy to work out and even replacing one of your day’s snacks as well.

All in all, juicing can be a life-changing experience and you should try it. After all, what could be bad about delicious glasses of refreshing fruits and veggies?