Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Christmas (Creative Commons)

Sometimes, we tend to forget what Christmas and the holiday season are all about. We tend to forget that it’s not all about opulent tables, gorgeously decorated homes and expensive presents. We tend to forget that it’s not about buying, but about giving.

And by “giving”, you should not necessarily understand anything material. Sometimes, even a brief moment of happiness can be an amazing gift – and it doesn’t have to cost anything. A smile, a helpful hand, a flower – all these things can make the difference. The difference between a Christmas one would like to forget and a Christmas that will be unforgettable.

How can you give back this holiday season? How can you make the world a bit better? How can you help healing at least a small amount of all the pain on Earth?

Believe it or not, there are many different ways  to volunteer and help people. You don’t have to be rich to do things that make others happy. You just have to want to!

Get Your Community Together

If you want to help the less fortunate ones in your community, get your neighbors and the people who live in your town/city and simply help. Everybody can lend a helpful hand. You could, for example, organize a big meal for the homeless people or for the children at the orphanage. You could organize a sale where everybody brings something made by them – and the profits go towards a non-profit organization. You could deliver presents to the less fortunate people in the community. You could go and entertain the children at the orphanage or the seniors at a nursing home.

All it takes is willingness and a bit of spare time – and together, you can be the miracle others are praying for this Christmas. You may not be able to change the course of these people’s lives, but you can make them feel happier, loved, listened to. You can make them feel amazing for an evening and that’s priceless!

Volunteer for the Children

Children are the future – and a future that doesn’t know how to smile and how to be happy, a future that doesn’t have Eating-Smiling (Creative Commons)joyous memory is a very, very sad one. If you want to help the children of the world, you can always volunteer and give your best to making their lives better.

UNICEF is the largest non-profit organization focused on making our future a brighter one through helping children from all over the world. If you live in Australia, you can choose to volunteer for the children there or to go abroad and volunteer for the children in other countries. Either way, you will do an amazing and noble thing and someone’s life may actually get better because of what you did!