Why should I study a Dual Degree Program?

Around the world and especially in the USA, Dual degree programs are becoming more and more popular but what is the attraction to acquiring two degrees and what is attractive about the GBSB dual degree program of BBA?

The GBSB already has a worldwide reputation for international business studies teaching but through a dual degree students are able to experience this first hand by studying in different campuses worldwide in the global business centres of Barcelona and Geneva. This will allow you to compound your learning and will give you the chance for more applied learning experiences though applied study trips at both institutions to local businesses and larger international corporations.

By studying a dual degree program you are awarded 2 degrees from two separate institutions, this is excellent for credibility and is incredibly attractive to employers. As your education has been externally accredited by more agencies. GBSB partners with only the most renowned institutions in the world to give students the best learning experiences. Swiss UMEF are one of Switzerland’s leading business schools are able to supplement and deepen the GBSB learning experience. As the co-delivery partner in the dual degree Bachelor of Business Administration students spend 1 year in Geneva, Switzerland deepening their understanding of the world. Geneva is one of the world’s most largest cities for banking and is the global hub for several trans-national corporations, basing your education between Geneva and Barcelona makes perfect sense.

Having the course split between 2 institutions enhances your knowledge, every school teaches differently and will find different things important to teach by learning from 2 institutions you will receive a much deeper understanding of global business. Both institutions have an internationally renowned faculty which teach the dual degree program all with international experience and each giving their own perspective. Culturally, there are many differences between Spain and Switzerland this too will help you learn and develop your understanding of international business, seeing first hand the differences in different countries and how culture effects business.

Studying a Dual Degree Program gives you a great start towards further study and employment holding a 2 valued and prestigious degrees. By studying a GBSB degree you will earn key skills that will help you in business and develop as a person. Gaining 2 degrees will give you a huge boost to you employability and will help to establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional.