How to Choose Better Hair Products

Women are no longer the only target market when it comes to hair care products. Men are taking up a larger amount of the market, and they’re increasingly interested in finding the best products to style and maintain their hair.

What if you’re a man who’s just wading into the world of hair care and styling products? How do you know where to begin and which products are right for you?

The following are some simple, easy things you should know if you’re a man choosing hair care products.

Hold Strength

One of the top differentiating factors between men’s hair products is called the “hold.” What this refers to is the amount of sculpting power a product is going to have. Men’s products range from light hold to maximum hold, and that’s what’s going to determine just how much styling power a product has.

Many types of gel have a strong hold, and they also tend not just to help hair keep its shape, but it can also give hair a shiny appearance.

Should You Go with Gel?

In the past, gel was the primary hair styling option for men, but there are some things you should know before going with this option.

First, as mentioned above, many gels provide a firm hold and may also give your hair a shiny or even wet appearance. If this is what you’re after, then gel will work just fine, but if you want something more natural, gel isn’t likely to give you that.

Gel can also lead to drying of your hair and scalp because it’s usually made with alcohol, and it can also make your hair limper over time.


If you want more flexibility and a natural, non-drying effect, creams can be a great option. You can still get a high hold with a cream, but your hair will be more flexible and less prone to breakage if you go this route, plus you get a natural, matte finish.

Creams tend to be the opposite of gels in that they’re moisturizing, and you can control things like flyaways without stiffness.


Another hair styling product popular with men is wax. Wax tends to give moderate holding strength, and a subtle shine, without the high shine of most gels. Using wax is a good way to get a less structured and more casual appearance, and it’s ideal for straight hair, or high with just a bit of wave.

If you’re a man with curly hair, wax probably won’t be the best option for you, because it can get clumpy if you have a lot of natural texture.

When you use wax, you get a bit of strength, but you’re not locked into a style as you are with gel, so you can make adjustments to your hair throughout the day.

Gels, creams, and wax are three of the most common styling options for men who want to get picture perfect hair with minimal effort.


Bio: Susan Melony is a writer and blogger based in Kansas City. She’s passionate about marketing and small business, but she’s also crazy about fashion and style– for both men and women.