The best ways to study more efficiently.


Take yourself to a quiet place, make yourself a drink- hydration is vital when studying. Studies have found that those who take a bottle of water in to an exam have improved results. If you are sitting at a desk all day studying then buy something to enlighten your time at the computer, like a desk toy. Looks what’s cool have a list of great desk toys to help you relax in 2017! Along with loads more cool, nifty stuff.  Overall, he best thing to do to relax is to literally loosen your muscles and take some deep breaths. With relaxation comes focus!

Revise creatively.

Use colour! It may sound ridiculous and foolish but seriously- colour is a brilliant way to recall information. When you revise from a colourful mind map or poster you begin to subconsciously associate colours with facts.

Use online sources.

By using online learning software’s or applications you are ultimately going to be more engaged with the work you are doing. Online quizzes, videos and revision guides are accessible easily. The learning becomes more natural because you are having more interaction. However, you may be the type to study straight from a textbook- that’s all to do with preference.

Stop multitasking.

You can’t use social media whilst studying and expect to take in important information. It just won’t work. You may make up excuses and say you’re “killing to birds with one stone” because the only thing that you are killing is your ability to learn, whilst your mind is focused elsewhere.

Vary the material.

Rather than being focused on one area of study, try to focus on a few various topics within the same sector- this is helpful for memory, because your mind beings to make links with the topics grouping them into one.

Believe in yourself

You can achieve whatever you please when you put your mind to it. Try to fall out of the habit of putting yourself down and saying things like “I am going to fail this test” because you will. It’s what sociologists call the self-fulfilling prophecy. If you or somebody else constantly tells you that you are a failure you will believe it and begin to give up anyway, making it a fact rather than a false allegation.