Why CPR Training is Important Training

CPR training
Photo by CC user Clyde Robinson on Flickr.

Serving as a common life saving technique used throughout today’s world, CPR, otherwise known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is not only valuable behind hospital doors but in nearly every aspect of life. Because of its importance, you’ll find that classes and training are offered pretty much everywhere, and can be especially easy to find in large cities.  Before registering for a class or round of classes at facilities such as CPR classes Los Angeles, you may be interested as to why CPR training is important in the first place. To help you figure that all out, we’ve listed a few of the key reasons why CPR training is important training, below.

What is CPR

As stated above, CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Though those two words in themselves may have you scratching your head, CPR really is an easy to understand concept. When preforming CPR you are essentially keeping the supply of oxygenated blood flowing through the victims body as the heart is no longer pumping the blood for the person. This in turn keeps the vital organs alive until a medical professional arrives on scene to either continue CPR or use a defibrillator to re-start the heart.

Why do medical professionals use CPR

First off, it’s important to note that it’s not only medical professionals who are trained in CPR. Aside from the civilians who have decided to take a course or two, you’ll find that all active police officers, firefighters and military personal are trained as well. These individuals use CPR during the event of a heart attack, stroke, choking, near drowning situations, a back injury, too much bleeding, an allergic reaction, when a patient is very sick and with those who have just suffered a bad electrical shock.

Is CPR training easy to learn and understand

Simply put, yes it is. With only a few classes, or one longer class, you’ll find yourself feeling confident in your training and ready to help when and if necessary. If you’re fearful to try CPR classes, don’t be. Not only will you learn a lot of information in the proper setting with all the materials needed, you’ll walk away feeling more confident about your abilities to help save a life compared to if you just watched a video online. There are a few high schools that are now offering CPR classes as well as part of their health program, which is great for those seeking babysitting and lifeguard jobs.

Where can you use your CPR training

Realistically, anywhere where you have enough room to lie the victim down on the floor or ground. This can be in a classroom, at the mall, at a grocery store or in your own home. What you want to keep in mind is that the CPR training you’re performing is not going to re-start the heart but rather help the oxygenated blood continue to flow throughout the body until a paramedic, nurse or doctor arrives on scene with the proper equipment.

CPR training is widely becoming more popular as individuals start to recognize the importance of such medical knowledge. If you’re going back and forth about whether you should get your own CPR certification, just think of all the potential lives you could save.