Questions to Ask Before You Decide to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

You can find a lot of immigration lawyers who can help you with your visa application and other disputes that you will face related to your immigration status. Even if you already entered the country, you can still ask for help from a lawyer to assist you should you meet legal challenges. You can ask these questions to help you in determining the best lawyer to help you.

What affiliations does the lawyer have?

You can trust a lawyer who has affiliations with highly reputable organisations. Only qualified and trustworthy lawyers can be members of these organisations. It is a plus if you see them with such credentials.

What is their success rate?

You need to know if the immigration law office has a high success rate in helping immigrants get a visa or clearing their name during a criminal investigation. Having a high success rate means that the firm can also help you with your case.

Is the law firm accessible?

If you are applying in the UK, you need to find a law firm that is near you. The process could take long, and it requires you to go back and forth before you get what you want. Therefore, you can’t afford to go through the process when you can’t have easy access to the firm. You might have to sign documents or speak with your lawyer several times. If you are applying outside the UK, you also need to have means of communicating with your lawyer.

Do they speak your language?

If you don’t speak English as your mother tongue or it is difficult for you to understand English, you need to ensure that your lawyer can interpret the documents for you. Otherwise, you will get confused, and it could affect the process. You won’t only delay the application, but you might get things wrong.

Is a free consultation available?

You won’t know if you will feel comfortable working with the lawyer until you have already started the process. If you don’t want to continue your partnership, it might be difficult. Therefore, it helps if the lawyer offers free consultation services. You can still switch your decision at this point if you don’t feel like you can work well together.

Does the website offer comprehensive information?

You will feel safe if you choose top immigration solicitors UK firms have available, with a quality website. It shows that they are professional and transparent. They can put their details out there for everyone to read. If you feel confused even after navigating the website, you might find the lawyer not trustworthy.

How long has the lawyer been in service?

The number of years providing immigration services will tell you how much trust people have in the lawyer. The lawyer won’t last long without giving quality service.

After asking these questions, it is time to decide who you will partner with. Take your time to choose the best lawyer, and avoid the mistake of selecting a lawyer based on affordability.