In the Spotlight: Southampton and Portsmouth

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The south coast is becoming increasingly popular with anglers due to its variety of species of fish and scenic landscapes. If you fancy somewhere a bit different for your next fishing trip then why not grab your fishing equipment and head down to the south coast to experience Southampton and Portsmouth’s key fishing spots. Here’s our guide to the best angling areas:


As one of the largest ports in England, Southampton is famed for its history and culture. Its many creeks, beaches and estuaries make Southampton a perfect spot for anglers. There is a variety of fish in the area in the summer months such as bass and sole, and in winter, whiting, codling and flounders are often present in its waters.

Weston Point is a popular fishing spot for many anglers due to its abundance of flounder fish and good clean ground. The spring tides are best for fishing in this area and fishing at range is often found to be most effective.

Magazine Lane is a perfect spot for challenging weather conditions that may prevent you from fishing at more desirable locations. Range fishing is again encouraged and the best results can be achieved within the autumn months.

Chilling Spit is a shingle beach that lies to the south of Hook Nature Park. A long walk is required to access the fishing area but do not be deterred as the clean ground and plentiful amounts of bass and peeler crabs make for a pleasant fishing experience.  


Just down the coast, Portsmouth has become an increasingly popular fishing ground with its range of beaches and harbours. The area is renowned for bass fishing due to its recent British Record Bass accolade.

Portchester Castle

The popular tourist attraction of Portchester Castle is also a fantastic area to fish due to its scenic location. The main species of fish found in this location are similar to those found in a harbour: flounder, bass and mullet.

Portchester Castle (Creative Commons)
Portchester Castle (Creative Commons)

Fort Cumberland

Fort Cumberland is famed for its flatfishing and is popular during the spring months. Plaice, sole and bass can all be caught here during the warmer seasons. Be aware of strong tides; younger or less experienced anglers may not be suited to this area.

South Parade Pier

The best known location in Portsmouth, South Parade Pier, has a versatile environment which is popular all year round with both experienced and inexperienced anglers. The area attracts a range of fish including mackerel, garfish and pollack and is highly acce