Australians should consider travelling when the dollar is so high!

The Australian dollar over the past couple of years has been very strong, this is basically due to demand from Asia for what’s in the ground. So with a booming economy and traditional expensive destinations like Europe in an economic downturn, what does it actually mean to the average Aussie punter who may be considering a range of personal loans to fund their latest travels?

Asia has gotten cheaper

Let’s face it most of Asia has been cheap forever… well Japan, Hong Kong and more recently Singapore aside. It’s not just the seasoned travelers who are going over by flocks of Aussies are flying over to traditional places like Phuket and Bali who were traditionally preferring a staycation up the coast. Places like Kuta have basically turned into the Aussie version of Benidorm, not just that the seasoned travelers have spread their wings a bit and trying places like Laos and Cambodia, even Burma is getting a look in these days.

Buying clothes in America is cheap

Traditionally the good old US of A has been good value for clothes shopping even when the dollar was 50c to the American Dollar. With the Aussie dollar there abouts parity with the green back clothes shopping in outlet malls where tourists don’t pay local tax has gotten even cheaper! Personal recommendation when visiting New York and flying out of Newark is to visit Jersey Gardens.

Europe is now cheaper

Mentioned Europe earlier but what has become the traditional expensive trip destination has now become affordable (although ordering a pint in London is still very expensive!). With the Euro economy in a bit of trouble, the cost of buying things in general has meant that a trip to Euroland affordable. What does that mean to you and your Aussie friends? All of you now can purchase those tickets to London through Expedia when you get paid and start planning a Euro trip! On top of getting a great deal on an airplane ticket, you can also save on price of a hotel room since it is half the price that it cost five years ago in places like Paris, Rome or even Athens.

Photo by joeybls on Flickr