5 reasons to choose flats instead of heels

Many girls are just crazy about wearing high heels. Now that it’s become cheaper and easier to buy women shoes online, even more people tend to go shopping on the web to get a pair of high-heeled shoes at a reasonable price. Most women have to pay a big price for them, and of course there are some of us who feel like under torture while wearing heels. No one can argue that heels are very sexy and make women look thinner. It is no secret that most men prefer slim women, so here heels help us. But if you do not feel comfortable, your steps are heavy, all your sorrows from heels are written all over your face, then you will have to forget about feeling sexy or beautiful. Here we propose you several reasons why not choose heels.

Reason 1: Cost

Women shoes usually cost more than men ones. But among them heels can cost an arm and a leg for you, when sneakers always have acceptable price. (And a small tip – buying women shoes online will save you from wasting money).

Reason 2: Distance

One of the most reasonable ideas why not wear women shoes, like heels or even wedge heels, is if you decide to go for a long walk. You know that it is very hard to run on heels after the leaving bus or being late for work. Many miles walk would become a real trial for you! On the other hand, if you choose regular shoes like Merrell sneakers or slip-ons you would feel much more comfortable.

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Reason 3: Injuries

The danger of falling down or spraining your ankle is much higher on heels, especially if you are in a hurry. Moreover, if you are on heels walking on the grass or paving blocks it is a hard exam to pass. Much medical evidence at women’s forums can be found online as a proof to the number of traumas.

Reason 4: Impracticality

You can always get used to everything, but driving on heels or in pumps is almost impossible, so we usually have extra shoes in the car. Then a reasonable question is: why pay more? Buy flats and feel happy!

Reason 4: Safety

Women shoes were made to look nice on feet but in risky situations you will forget about all the beauty and think of how hard it is to run or stay on heels. So weigh the pros and cons before wearing nice-looking unsafe women shoes, especially bought online.

Reason 5: Online shopping

Imagine that you decided to buy shoes in a web-store. When buying heels you need to guess your instep, size, and width which can be a big problem. If they do not fit, you will need to send them back and spend more money. At the same time, buying regular women shoes, like check Naturalizer shoes on sale, online is not a problem at all as the sizes are written in the table.

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