4 Office Spring Cleaning Tips To Boost Productivity

Spring cleaning your home is a great way to say good-bye to the gloomy winter. While you’re excitedly dusting off the floating shelves and refreshing your living room, there’s another important place that deserves your attention: your office.

Ever thought of cleaning the office window sills with the same passion as you’d love to spring clean your home?

If not, now is the perfect time to freshen up your workplace: say hello to office spring cleaning! Besides bringing joy to the boring Mondays, office spring cleaning helps you stay productive and happier at work.

So, why not welcome the warmer days by rejuvenating your workplace?

It’s as easy as following these tips.

1. Disinfect Every Item

Keyboard, mouse, printer, microwave button, door handles – what’s something common among these items?

The answer is, germs!

Clean all these items by using disinfectant wipes. Once you’ve done this, you should still keep a hand sanitizer on your desk (and use it to clean these surfaces often because you never know when the same items have been touched by somebody else’s dirty hands).

Now that you’ve disinfected the basic items, it’s time to clean the office surfaces, floors, kitchen, restrooms, doors, and windows. But it’s impossible to remove that stubborn stain on the carpet of the corridor – all on your own. What about the refrigerator gunk?

Undeniably, cleaning the entire office without professional help can be a tough job.

While you want to be sure every nook and cranny is crystal-clean, you should remember that this may eat up your precious hours that could be invested in completing an urgent project. Therefore, it’s better to hire Benchmark Cleaning Services to put the cleaning burden off your shoulders.

2. Declutter Paper

You can hide the unwanted stuff in your drawer. But when it’s about getting rid of other items that have been lying on your desk the entire season, you’ll notice most of it is paper. There are receipts, payroll slips, notebooks, personal documents, and some more paper clutter that requires decluttering.

While throwing away the unnecessary papers makes sense, there are specific files you should store in a place that’s also accessible enough. Look for some trendy paper holders that not only accommodate such files but also enhance the overall appearance of your desk.

3. Revamp The Look With Productivity-Boosting Colors

Research reveals that decorating the workplace with the right combination of hues sparks creativity. But this doesn’t mean you should throw a splash of colors onto every wall of the office. It makes sense to refresh the accent walls, cubicles, wall desks, and the corners, though.

Go for vibrant colors and even the calm ones, and see how each color creates a different impact. You can consider this color information to bring vitality to the office:

  • Yellow reflects optimism and helps stimulate creativity. If you’re a graphic designer, let your creative juices flowing by bringing yellow-colored accessories to your desk.

  • Got eye fatigue due to working long hours? Increase your efficiency by changing the grey background of the wall desk into green.

  • Blue helps improve concentration. If your job involves completing technical projects within specific deadlines, get hold of a blue desk.

  • Don’t feel like entering the workplace because the white spaces seem too boring? Paint the entrance wall red! Red invokes passion and emotion. This productivity color will help you set the mood to work.

4. Get The HVAC Filters Cleaned

Humidity and temperature directly affect workplace productivity. In warmer days, you’ll more likely be able to feel if the workplace offers the right temperature to all employees. Therefore, it’s wise to get the HVAC systems serviced before the summers arrive.

Remind the concerned department about cleaning the HVAC filters so they can call HVAC Contractors to check if there are any maintenance issues.