How Investing in Your Office Environment can Positively Affect Your Employees

Building a brighter future for your business starts with your team – keeping employees happy and working hard is the key to every thriving company. If your office space is lacking, even a pay rise can’t solve the problem – leading to more and more businesses upgrading their office environment to boost employee experience.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together the best ways to improve the daily office environment for a productive workforce. From creative break-out areas to the power of glass, implementing these four strategies can be the ticket to an engaged team:

  1. Get an office with a view

Offices aren’t natural habitats for soaking up landscapes. But research has shown the huge impact our office location can have on our wellbeing at work. From the study, researchers were able to pinpoint a connection between where people live and how happy they were. The implications this has for business can’t be ignored – pretty scenery boosts wellbeing, so investing in an office with great views can certainly increase productivity.

  1. Open up your space

If you don’t already have an office with a naturally scenic view, which many urban spaces don’t, there are ways you can elevate your environment indoors. For commercial property advisor Devono Property Ltd, space is high priority when locating the perfect serviced office. Open-plan offices ditch old-fashioned hierarchical structures, where managers have large officers and everyone else sits in small cubicles. Remove the physical walls, let open communication flow, and watch positivity grow among your workforce.

  1. Let there be light

The right light, that is. If your overhead spotlights are glaring down on workers harshly, they’re bound to be distracted, moody and even physically uncomfortable. On the other hand, lighting that’s too dim can leave employees unhappy and unable to think clearly. Get the balance bang-on with lots of natural light, unobstructed views and zero clutter. Lots of glass works wonders.

  1. Function leads to fashion

Stylish spaces are undeniably a joy to work in. Pick a theme – industrial-luxe, rustic charm or modern Scandinavian chic – whatever you go for, let the technology and space your employees need inspire the design. Make sure you have a range of communal areas for staff to focus uninterrupted or get their heads together for a thought-shower. Interactive walls such as whiteboards or glass with easy-to-erase utensils are perfect for fleshing out company ideas, while sofas you can sink into provide a comfortable space for clear thinking.