Great Things to do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

Nearly everyone who thinks about Las Vegas envisions the bright lights, massive hotels, never ending casinos and extravagant high priced live shows headlined by world class entertainers. Yes Las Vegas is famous for all of these that are here in abundance. But there are other attractions in this always vibrant city that give visitors reasons to come by the millions. Here are some of them for you to consider

The Hotels

There is so much to see in Las Vegas that it would take two trip just to get to see it all. Starting of course with the incomparable hotel casinos that line and sit right off of the Vegas strip. And in addition to the casinos and high priced live shows there is additional entertainment and attractions, and most of it free. You can find hotel like the Paris with its Eiffel Tower replica out front or the Bellagio with its fountains and water show that runs throughout the day. Excalibur features a Dragon that breathes fire and the Luxor is shaped like a pyramid with a ten story Sphinx sitting out front. Each of these offers great photo opportunities for you.

When you enter the hotels their interiors are filled with wondrous sites to behold. There are statues, columns and characters everywhere and a decadence level not seen anywhere else. Ride on a gondola inside the Venetian, visit the White Tiger Zoo inside the Mirage, and visit the amusement park inside the MGM Grand. There is so much more to see and barely believed.

Helicopter Rides

Las Vegas the city sits inside a bowl and is spread out over long miles with suburbs connected in some cases by desert. If you go outside the bowl you can visit great attractions like the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Perhaps the best ways to see these and other sites is on a private helicopter ride. They vary in both time and the places they take you and you can take a daytime or a night flight. The daytime flights give you a bird’s eye view of Las Vegas’ greatest attractions. See the casinos from above as well. The flights at night have been described as both majestic and romantic. So whether you take a day trip to see the attractions or go flying at night, these unforgettable adventures are available daily. And don’t forget to bring your camera!


People around the world debate about the best places to go shopping. Cities that are always in the conversation include: Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Milan and Las Vegas. The reason the city of bright lights is included is because every designer shop is here. The top fashion designers have all set up at the casinos and anyone they provide shoppers with a vast selection of the latest in high fashion. You can also find some of the top jewelry and watch stores in Las Vegas. Here they have an emphasis on custom designs and customized versions of what you can but anywhere. You can get diamonds put on just about anything including your dog’s collar if you choose and they will deliver it right to your hotel room at no extra charge. For those with a tighter budget, there are dozens of shops in the malls and shopping areas around Vegas including discount and outlet shops that offer last year’s fashion at a fraction of the price. Looking for something out of the ordinary to purchase? The city offers everything from luxury cars to private planes that you can buy and have delivered anywhere.


Most people do not know about the sheer amount of great restaurants there are in Las Vegas. In every corner of the city there are great places to eat and of course when you get to the center of the city, the area around the major casinos house some of the best restaurants in the world. So if you are a foodie, there is no better place to come and be made happy. The restaurants here range for every type of food to all prices so no matter your taste or your budget, you can find it here. And perhaps best of all, many of the places are open late into the night.