How to Create a Blogging Strategy

Even though blogging is often associated with personal content, freedom when it comes to posting and random choice of topics, truth is that behind every successful post lies a lot of work and planning. A good blogging strategy is essential for a steady development, so you should read on to find out a couple of steps that might help you expand your blog.


Do not overlook having a publishing schedule for your posts! Many people think posting is a leisurely activity and wait for inspiration to come. Think in advance of adequate topics for each week or month, just like a publishing house would do with a magazine. Then do your research in advance and write a skeleton for each post. Brainstorm and come up with new ideas, and sooner than you’d think you will have a homogeneous blog.

Do Relevant Research

It’s not enough to write down whatever comes to your mind, but you have to ask yourself if the content you are creating is useful for anybody and if so, in what way. Look up the trending keywords for your domain and try to keep up. A proper keyword research may bring you loyal and consistent visitors, so pay attention to this step. Back up your research with facts and reliable sources and add something unique and personal to the blog.

Write as Much as You Can

Let the words and phrases flow freely from your mind and just write what you want. You won’t publish it right away, so don’t worry about optimization or anything else at this point. Create a standard format for all the blog posts and follow it. Use your imagination and get your inspiration online or from your interactions with other people. Jot down anything that crosses your mind.


Brush off what you previously wrote. Cut out what’s not necessary, split the text into several paragraphs that are easy to read, since nobody actually reads articles in great detail. Use headlines, bold keywords and phrases and add images wherever you feel the need. Add links, optimize the content and when you think it’s in its final form, hit Publish.

Spread the Word

What’s the use of a good post if nobody is going to hear about it? After you’re done with publishing and brushing off the content, it’s time to share it! Make your presence felt on most online platforms, share the article with friends and coworkers, ask for opinions and post constantly about it. Remember to engage people who share your content, write and thank them for doing so, ask for feedback and make them feel like their opinion matters.