3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Delivery Service

Stuck on how to Improve Your Delivery Service? These suggestions will help.

Make no mistake; the ever-growing army of small businesses in the UK continue to serve as a dominant economic engine. 

There were 5.4 million businesses in the private sector at the beginning of 2015, for example, and this represents an incredible increase of 1.9 million since the turn of the century. Many of these ventures compete in similar sectors, and this means that there is an intense level of competition where even small differences can prove significant. 

For product-oriented businesses, improving the delivery service that they offer represents an excellent way of increasing their market share. Here are three steps that can help them to achieve this:

1.      Partner with Local Experts 

Attempting to manage your own deliveries and offer an in-house service can be fraught with danger,  particularly if you lack local knowledge, a viable infrastructure or the resources to deliver in a timely manner. 

With this in mind, you may be better served by partnering with local delivery experts, who can transport your products in a safe, compliant and efficient manner. If you have a brand that operates nationwide, you could also secure a contract with a similarly-sized delivery firm that can oversee your entire operation. 

2.      Use Proof of Delivery and Signature Tracking for Goods 

When looking to deliver goods to customers, it is crucial that you safeguard your brand while offering flexibility. Using a proof of delivery model is central to achieving this, as this means that customers can pay for recorded delivery and track their goods once they have been shipped. 

Companies such as Parcel2Go and ParcelABC offer both of these services within a single package, which in turn allows customers to enjoy a superior experience with your brand. Not only can they book next day and timed deliveries, for example, but they can also track the shipment and confirm receipt of the order with an electronic signature. 

3.      Focus on Enhancing Your Customer Service 

Your delivery model must be supported by advanced customer service, which can be used to successfully market your brand in the modern age. This is because customer service has been revolutionised by modern thinking, transforming it from an afterthought to a front line marketing platform that engages consumers when they are at their most engaged with the brand. 

By creating a proactive and friendly customer service culture around your delivery model, you can successfully handle any complaints while turning difficult conservations into opportunities to delight your consumers. 

This should be a key focus as your look to enhance the delivery of your goods and drive repeat business going forward.